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sepenjue, thanks, now I'm using instead of www.xfce.org07:37
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juemike_k: please try if 2.6.4rc1 works for you ->
mike_kjue: I'll try in a moment11:47
mike_kjue: yeah, it elemenates that issue for me11:59
jueok, thanks12:00
mike_kdo you prefer to update to this rc?12:00
jueyeah, as far as I can see it's a pure bugfix release12:02
mike_kyes, that's ok12:02
jueI'd expect that they will release the final 2.6.4 very soon12:02
mike_kOct 18 was mentioned in that issue discussion12:04
tilmanjaeger: *cough* do you still ahve that mailman admin password for
jaegertilman: hrmm... doubtful but I'll check :)13:48
jaegertilman: I don't remember it, though I suspect Simone changed it at some point after me. however, you should be able to set a new one with mmsitepass, I think, or at least the site pass will let you do what you need13:50
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teK_hooray, the arch handbook will be made available printed on paper15:10
Rotwangfor zehn euro15:11
* teK_ votes for a new slogan on
teK_CRUX Linux. So easy to install, you won't even need a (<b>printed</b>) handbook!15:13
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nipuLsaving trees since 200118:32
teK_as a source-based distro18:34
nipuLas in not having t print books18:35
nipuLi doubt you'll see "Teach yourself CRUX in 21 days" at the bookstore18:35
aoncrux for dummies18:38
teK_Step one: install OpenSuSE (Aka Linux 11)18:38
nipuL"now with less BASICS"18:38
nipuLlol, just checked his blog, latest post is ground breaking cut and pasting of big O notation texts18:41
nipuLeither everyone in this lecture is stupid or extremely shy18:44
nipuLi'm mucking about on irc andnot paying attention , yet still the only one answering questions correctly or at all18:45
teK_what lecture?18:48
teK_good boy :)18:51
nipuLpfft, it's a bludge unit18:51
aonyou need to answer questions in a lecture? :O18:51
nipuLyou never got asked questions in a lecture?18:54
aonwell, very rarely18:54
aonnot that i even go to them that much :)18:54
nipuLsuppose it depends on the class size, there's only 6 internal students in this unit, so it tends to be a bit interactive18:54
nipuLi go otherwise i forget to to my reading at home18:55
* teK_ is running rdiff-backup in a *simple* setup..18:58
teK_  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/rdiff_backup/", line 77, in is_routine_fatal18:58
teK_    elif isinstance(exc, EnvironmentError) and e.errno == errno.ENOTCONN:18:58
teK_NameError: global name 'e' is not defined18:58
teK_yeah, right..18:58
nipuLRead Only Bust(ed)18:59
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