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sepentilman, are you in there?09:19
sepentilman (or jue), should util-linux-ng provide /usr/share/dict? please see:
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teK_tilman, $CORE: libarchive should be made dependent on xz so that's assured that xz is installed before libarchive is built11:52
tilmani thought it was11:53
tilmanmmmh, i wonder why we didn't do that yet11:53
teK_the builder/maintainer obv. had xz installed prior building libarchive11:54
teK_besides that I successfully upgraded 2.5 to 2.6 without the iso  with nipul's(?) ``Re-Cap of ToolChain Build for CRUX'' + s/2.5/2.6/g in /etc/ports/*11:55
teK_because xz gets built/installed after libarchive but the source is provided as xz-FOO.xz which itself cannot be extracted by libarchive ;)11:56
tilmanright. and other ports in core/opt use xz tarballs too now11:58
teK_they all failed *g*11:58
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jueteK_: the minimum you should do is to look what setup-helper is doing ;)12:11
jueand install opt/xz12:11
sepenjue, could you read my question about util-linux-ng in the backlog?12:17
juesepen: yeah, saw it12:18
juelooking at it right now :)12:19
tilmanfwiw, uncommenting the rm -r /usr/share doesn't fix it12:22
jueright, and adding the directory helps not much because the dictionary itself is missing12:22
tilmanjue: (xz) yes, but libarchive currently depends on gz/bz2, too, so it probably should depend on xz as well, right?12:22
jueyeah, sure12:23
teK_core/xz you mean? :)12:27
jueno, opt/xz in 2.512:28
teK_+ xz will get installed if libarchive includes it in its depends on: line12:28
teK_yeah, I see what you mean :)12:28
jueyou are right, xz is missing as dep in libarchive12:29
teK_of course. I stumbled upon this before :>12:29
teK_18:52 < teK_> tilman, $CORE: libarchive should be made dependent on xz so that's assured that xz is installed before libarchive is built12:29
jaegertilman: did you get mailman sorted out?12:30
jueyeah, but for your "update" problem you need xz before the update12:30
tilmanno, i forgot about it12:30
tilmani suck so much12:30
juesepen: never used look myself, do you have a dictionary for it?12:31
tilmanjaeger: mmsitepass worked like a charm, thanks12:32
jaegergreat :)12:32
sepenjue, not here, I'm running crux but I think I have one at office12:36
sepenlet me try12:36
sepenjue, debian has a package named dictionaries-common12:39
sepenhmm but mine is a spanish dict, maybe due to nationalization es_ES12:42
sepentilman, heheeh12:43
sepenI think we can purge 'look' from util-linux-ng12:44
juetbh, I thought that as well :)12:44
juebut well, it might be useful somemtimes12:45
sepenin other cases I'd like to add a note in a readme file, but this is a core port and will be ugly IMHO12:46
juea readme for what?12:46
sepena note with, if you plain to use 'look' you'll need those files ....12:46
sepenwell, or provide the 'words' file as a separate source12:49
sepenI should go, bbl12:53
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tilmanteK_: you should consider moving gimp from contrib to opt again. a port in opt is more easily trusted/relied on than one on contrib13:00
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