IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2009-10-14

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mike_kRotwang: maybe announcing on the ml could give more responses12:41
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Rotwangmike_k: ill write to ml about that, but im still undertaking some tests12:42
sepenI think I fixed mplayerplug-in, or at least it worked here12:45
sepencould someone try this
sepenI wrote a patch and seems that it does the trick (here: firefox 3.5.3-1, xulrunner, mplayer 20090226.28734-1)12:46
sepenrehabdoll, could you take a look?12:47
rehabdollseems to work12:56
mike_kboys, what sf mirror do you use?12:56
sepenheanet iirc12:56
sepen193.1.193.66      prdownloads.sourceforge.net12:56
rehabdollsunet ^12:57
sepenrehabdoll, you mean compilation or you played some files?12:57
rehabdolljust a wmv-radiostream though but shouldnt make a difference12:58
mike_kI get 302 redirects with any mirror =(12:58
sepenok then, I'm mind to email the mplayerplug-in's author about the patch12:58
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mike_ksepen: plug-in works for me too13:04
sepenthanks mike_k13:18
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sepenjaeger, maybe that could be useful for you, there are some random issues13:50
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