IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-10-16

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aon /away z09:09
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jueI'm using gcc 4.4.2 since yesterday, no issues so far, would be great if someone else will give it a try10:15
jueports is in my personal repo, but it's only a version bump and footprint update10:15
teK_sure. define 'give it a try'. recompile glibc? :)10:16
juenot necessary10:16
teK_btw I'm a bit scared that we're distributing software written by guys like this:
jueteK_: thx btw10:19
teK_jue: you're always welcome10:19
teK_I talked to a member of CCC Regensburg yesterday who acutally knew CRUX10:19
teK_well he's not a member. He just had the 23C3 Sweater.. stupid me.10:23
teK_compiling worked10:42
juewoow, that was fast :)10:43
teK_compiled in RAM with a quad core10:44
jaegerI can give it a try as well if you like10:45
jaegerthough it'll take me longer, my quad core isn't available :)10:46
juejaeger: yeah, of course10:47
jaegerstarted it, will give it a few tests and let you know10:47
mike_kDRM_I915_KMS should work with current userspace stuff, right?11:07
mike_kjaeger: faac needs --mandir=$PKG/usr/man  it fails to install into the / directly otherwise11:09
jaegermike_k: I'll take a look, thanks11:12
teK_binutils, coreutils, glibc all built fine11:20
rehabdolljue: im testing the new gcc on 64bit11:38
jueteK_, rehabdoll: thanks :)11:45
juejaeger: do you remember why we removed ide-generic from init ? IIRC we got a segfault if another ide module is loaded after it?11:46
jaegersomething like that, I think. I don't remember the exact details11:47
juejaeger: I got one complain from a i586 user who owns a very old laptop11:50
juebut well, we cannot support anything ;)11:53
teK_and finally.. gcc-4.4.2 can compile itself.11:56
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jaegerjue: I guess we could try adding it again, perhaps the problem is gone with the current kernel releases12:06
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jaegerjue: gcc built fine, doing a sysup with it now12:19
rehabdollcool, graphite was merged in .212:22
tilmandoes it require some new external lib?12:23
rehabdollppl i think12:29
rehabdoll <- if you want to kill some time :D12:30
jaegerjue: sysup went fine with gcc 4.4.212:36
juerehabdoll: IMO that's not new to 4.4.2 but a new feature of 4.412:41
rehabdollyeah, i noticed that :>12:44
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