IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2009-10-20

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Rotwangive noticed that there is still number of ports in opt (un)maintained by cptn03:52
Rotwangcan i has iotop, or someone from opt is going to adopt it?03:52
mike_kRotwang: they are listed on
mike_ktry asking core team if it is possible to maintain some of them in contrib04:15
mike_krunning 'prt-get dependent' should give a hint04:16
Rotwangthis doesn't look good D:04:17
Rotwanganyway i can adopt iotop to contrib it seems04:17
mike_kI've marked a few ports, but stil did not push them =/04:19
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fashadid you guys pull the plug on the PPC stuff? all references to PPC gone from 2.5 docs since yesterday...what?  trying to get this thing running on a p610C, stumbling on Prep content, I think12:28
Rotwangfasha: crux ppc is separate project12:28
fashawhere can I get info on PPC12:34
Rotwangit seems crux ppc site is down12:36
Rotwangfasha: besides, it is not devel related, please give such questions at #crux12:37
aondoes it really matter :)12:41
aonit's not like this channel is flooded with traffic12:41
tilmanit's flooded with awesome12:43
aonholy crap foureyes smiley12:43
aonaltough that matches reality12:43
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