IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2009-10-31

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jueaon: around?09:53
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jueaon: libattr is currently broken, new version is out and old version moved12:29
jueaon: one question, the port dosn't install the binaries, why?12:30
aongood question :)12:33
jueaon: ok :)12:34
aoni'm afk until wednesday at least12:34
aoni'll try to remember12:34
jueI've modified versions for libattr and libcap, please have a look12:34
juethe main diff is that the lib/binaries are install into /lib resp. /{bin,sbin}12:36
jueit might be better to have them not in /usr cause stuff like xfsdump depends on libacl which in turn depends on libattr etc.12:43
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