IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2009-11-12

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nipuLstop organising meetings to damn early in the morning :P03:24
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sepenteK_, your reply was sent to me, and not to the mailing list, no idea if it was your real intention03:32
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teK_jue! beware! arpwatch ....... error: Digest::Base cannot be directly inherited in Ruby09:29
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sepentilman, thanks for kicking mernil ;D15:33
tilmanhe left on his own15:35
jaegerI'm heading to replace a failed RAID1 drive, clb will be down for a bit when I get there15:36
sependo you think my proposal mail was an error? or maybe the problem is to find an hour for all of us?15:44
tilmani didn't even see that email yet15:45
sepenah ok15:45
sepenI'm an impatient ;D15:45
sepenbbl, dinner time15:47

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