IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2009-12-02

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sepenjue, could I take a look?10:25
sepen my patch worked for me, but not sure if is the best way to do it10:29
sepenalso I created some gui ;D10:30
juesepen, I've added a comment about my changes in the script10:32
sepenah ok I'll se10:32
juethe main problem was the order of the -s -S options10:32
sepenit makes sense10:33
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sepenjue, nice! seems it does the trick fine11:59
sepenalso I modified
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mike_ksepen: ah, thanks. I've completely forgot about the ticket12:52
sepenno idea about the ticket, just tried to installed here12:56
sepennever tried this emu before ;D12:57
mike_knice one, and it works on *nix!13:09
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