IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2009-12-10

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teK_tilman ping?15:45
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nipuLsilence re: readopting ports == just do what you want?21:15
jaegerhow much time has passed?21:16
nipuLover a day, i'll wait a bit longer though21:23
jaegercould also email people directly, I guess21:28
nipuLi suppose. i think it's been just tek and jue touching my ports21:31
nipuLno maintainer fields have been changed either21:40
jaegerI'd guess if that's the case it's probably safe to take them back21:41
nipuLyeah, if they really wanted to keep them they should have changed that by now21:41
jaegerThat's my take on it21:47
nipuLpeople really should delete entries on the orphaned ports page once they have adopted something21:56
jaegerThat would be nice22:01

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