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sepenhmmm coreutils seems that depends on gperf as buildtime dependency03:07
sepenthis is the line: 'gperf -m 10 ./iconv_open-osf.gperf > ./iconv_open-osf.h-t'03:08
jueyou got an error?03:10
sepenwell, ATM I'm crosscompiling but the fact is that the build process for coreutils requires gperf installed03:11
sepen*to be installed03:11
juewell, works for me without having gperf installed03:11
sepenI'm rebuilding now coreutils without problems as native, maybe is due to some crosscompiling stuff, so sorry03:15
sepenseems its only required for doing the boostrap03:20
sepenGPERF=false ./configure  ... does the trick ;D03:23
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maro_hm, just looked at your updatedb.conf04:07
maro_why is .cvs in PRUNENAMES?04:07
maro_cvs' directories are called CVS04:07
maro_the top comment is also pretty weird ("configuration file for updatedb(8) used by updatedb")04:08
sepenmaro_, yeah but see the manual, it says -> updatedb.conf(5) "configuration file for updatedb(8)"04:26
maro_sepen: yes, but when it says "configuration file for updatedb(8)" is it really necessary to follow it with "used by updatedb"? :)04:28
sepenyep, and also I think you are right about CVS directories04:28
maro_it's not urgent but I think it should be fixed on the next bump anyways :)04:29
sepenmaro_, you could file a ticket04:29
maro_nah, waste of a bug number for something this trivial04:30
sepenwell imho is a way to improve ports04:32
maro_I'll see if I remember my login credentidals :)04:32
maro_can't login04:39
maro_resetted my password but when I try to login, it thinks the user doesn't exist (even though it just sent me a confirmation mail to reset my password)04:40
maro_IIRC I had the same problem last time I tried to use the bug tracker, that's why I haven't used it for a loooong time04:42
juemaro_: will try to fix that, what's your username?04:46
sepenthe flyspray's username 'maro' doesn't  exist04:47
maro_jue: mark, uid 1104:52
maro_I think it borked under the flyspray changes that happened just after migrating to flyspray (since I see my last bug, #50, got garbled \"'s)04:53
juemaro_: please try again04:55
maro_woohoo! thanks :)04:56
juenp, the problem was that mark wasn't assigned to any group04:57
juedunno why, though04:58
sepenjue, did you remember how you changed the shortlog's link from 2.5 to 2.6 in gitweb?04:59
jueremember no, but just looked it up ;)05:01
jueit's hardcoded in gitweb/gitweb.cgi05:02
sepenohh thanks05:02
maro_ :)05:04
juemaro_: thanks for the report05:05
maro_np :)05:05
sepenshould it be assigned to CRUX Developers?05:06
maro_not sure, perhaps it could be useful for people to add to the list of PRUNEPATHS05:07
sepenjue, Simone still appears as Admin05:07
maro_also non-developers :)05:07
sepens/Simone/Simone and Johannes/05:08
juesepen: that's ok, he will help us if we have greater problems with Flyspray05:08
juesepen: assigned #538 to me05:09
sepenjue, thanks05:09
juenipuL: libexif is still in OrphanedPorts, not sure if that means that you dropped the port or my comment there was not clear05:12
jueRotwang: is your texlive port ready for inclusing into contrib?05:14
Rotwangjue: after i update it to 2009110705:24
Rotwangthis week most likely05:24
juethx, I'll remove the broken tetex05:29
nipuLjue: your comment was clear, i was just going to confirm it with you first05:30
nipuLanyhoo, off to bed. probably won't get any crux time again until the weekend05:31
nipuLbeing a cable monkey is hard work05:32
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strawtilman: Hey, could you give me the link to the pkg tools again? The one that you wanted to port to C10:56
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tilmanstraw: -> pkgutils.git, branch pkgutils613:15
strawoh, thought it was a personal repo of you.. thank you :]13:16
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