IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2009-12-18

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nipuLwow, what a day03:42
nipuLgo into a comms room to upgrade the stack, network admin says "what ever you do, don't touch the fiber"03:43
nipuLso I start pulling utp cables out of a switch and then I get a call on the phone03:43
nipuL"WTF have you done!?!?"03:43
nipuL"you've taken out the entire PABX to the colleges"03:44
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rehabdollheh, sounds like a great day08:33
rehabdollbecause cat5=fiber08:34
teK_documentation for the win08:34
rehabdolloh wait08:34
mike_kyep, hold on with such statements!09:27
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