IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2009-12-27

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rehabdollhey aon, teK_. how about changing the codec path in mplayer/win32-essential-codecs to something more generic? then i could drop the x86_64 port :)09:21
rehabdolllike /usr/lib/codecs09:22
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aonno crux box here11:49
aonbut fine by me otherwise11:49
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nipuLjaeger: yeah, but there's a trick, but i can't recall what it was20:38
jaegerI'll look into it, I don't remember what I did last time20:39
jaegeralso, noticed a missing dep or two... libgcrypt depends on libgpg-error, for example20:39
jaegerThe oddest thing I've run into is that I couldn't build gconf for some reason. it seems unable to find glib.h even though glib.h is in the proper place and pkg-config stuff looks fine20:42
jaegergot distracted working on other stuff, though, so haven't researched that yet20:42

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