IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2009-12-30

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jueteK_: if the Pkgfile is correct, gnupg depends on pinentry, but opt/pinentry is unmaintained ATM10:38
jueand the pinentry-port is a bit strange ...10:38
juestumpled over that because of ticket #51710:40
teK_ /210:45
teK_2 seconds :)10:45
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rehabdollteK_: what do you think about changing the codecs-dir in mplayer to something more generic? aon said he didnt mind13:01
rehabdollthen i could drop the x86_64 port13:01
rehabdollsomething like /usr/share/codecs13:02
teK_why not13:02
teK_so we'll use /usr/share/codecs?13:06
teK_and you spoke of aon wrt win32-essential-codecs?13:06
rehabdoll18:49 <aon> no crux box here13:41
rehabdoll18:49 <aon> but fine by me otherwise13:41
aonstill haven't changed my mind13:41
aonstill don't have a crux machine :)13:42
aon4.1. maybe13:42
teK_changing the port - with your permission - should be no problem :)13:44
aongo ahead13:44
teK_rehabdoll: I'm ready :}14:50
teK_i.e. changes are made/ready for git push14:50
rehabdollive already pushed :)14:50
rehabdollgo nuts14:50
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