IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2010-01-02

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maroguys, there's a new cdrkit out, but they only put it on ftp.debian.org17:10
* maro is tired of DD's that do that17:11
jaegermaro: do you know of a patch to build polkit without pam? I haven't found one yet17:11
marojaeger: I use pam :(17:11
marojaeger: but I thought they fixed it?17:11
maroor perhaps that was consolekit17:12
jaegernot so far, unless there's a newer version than 0.95 somewhere17:12
maronope, running 0.95 here too17:12
jaegeras a temporary workaround I installed linux-pam but polkit still won't build, I get undefined references17:12
jaegerkinda annoying17:12
maroI remember it was one of the desktop projects that required me to install it back then17:12
marobut that's a few years ago at least17:13
marojaeger: could you query me the error?17:13
jaegersure, sec. need to ssh there17:13
marothere's polkit.txt and polkit.pre-install.txt17:16
marowhat pam version is that?17:16
maroanyway looks like you need to create a symlink from /usr/lib17:19
maroor -L/lib17:19
marowant my linux-pam Pkgfile17:20
maroit's up now17:21
jaeger1.1.0, didn't make my own17:21
jaegerused the one in contrib17:22
maroperhaps check the differences17:22
jaegerwill do, thanks17:22
marobut anyway it should work without pam, not using pam (even though I do it) is imho a big part of the crux concept17:23
maroyw :)17:23
maroin general I'm getting pretty tired of davidz's projects17:23
jaegeryeah, I'm not a fan of pam but at the moment it requires pam to build, even with --authfw=shadow17:23
marofirst the hal 0.4 -> 0.5 breakage, then devicekit, then gudev17:24
jaegerit's a pain in the ass to keep up with these days17:24
nipuLlets just all go back to MAKEDEV17:25
nipuLlife was simpler then17:25
maroyeah, and you're stuck with regressions and breakage and compat packages for a loong time before everyone moves17:25
jaegerI don't mind udev, it mostly stays out of my way... but some of the rest are just annoying17:25
maroif I was his cheif I would lock him in a room with a pencil and paper and no keyboards17:26
marofor a couple of months17:26
marooh yeah, forgot policykit -> polkit17:27
maroseriously I can't come of a single project he maintains that has reached 1.017:29
maroanyone with a working 64 bit port of crux? :)17:31
marono multilib or anything fancy17:32
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jaegermaro: rehabdoll's is fine, and nipul's is multilib17:38
jaegerpolicykit was pretty easy to build without pam, for what that's worth17:39
nipuLexcluding the compat32 ports, there's only like 5 ports that differ17:39
maroI really just need something to bootstrap from17:40
jaeger I think17:41
nipuLthat's it17:41
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marothanks guys17:46
maroaon: new cdrkit:
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jaegergrr.... polkit is still being a bitch about pam20:41
marojaeger: figured so... did you check out gentoo for patches? they have pam optional too20:42
jaegerit builds with --authfw=pam, I had --authfw=shadow, though I should have known that wouldn't work20:42
jaegerthe pam error messages were confusing20:43
maro# building w/o pam is broken, bug 29111620:43
jaegeryeah, I looked there =(20:43
maroI guess someone from gentoo will fix it eventually20:43
maromust be non-trivial since they haven't already fixed it20:44
* maro is figuring out how the hell to generate reasonable-size chromium tarballs20:45
jaegerThere are mentions here and there of patches to do it but nothing tangible so far20:45
maroof releases that is, not trunk20:45
jaegerwish I knew enough about them to do it myself20:45
maroI'm sure someone will get to it eventually20:45
maronot much depends on polkit yet anyway20:45
marodid you get it working w/ pam?20:46
jaegerIt built at least, not up to a testing phase yet, still updating gnome ports20:46
jaegernow it's devicekit-power's turn to bitch, hehe20:47
maroif you want my "system-auth" and "other" pam.d's let me know20:47
jaegerI've installed the default config for now but figured I'd tweak it later on20:47
marobeware that they IIRC require by default IIRC20:49
maroer, 4 AM here :)20:49
jaegerI think I'll leave this for another day20:57
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