IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-01-25

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pazoWould it be so bad to use PAM?12:22
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jaegerpazo: how are your gnome ports coming? I'd like to try them when you're done. :)12:41
pazothe PAM thing is stopping me12:42
* tilman senses pam-frustration12:42
pazofor some reason GDM doesn't support anything else than PAM12:43
pazoand Ray Strode explains:  almost everyone uses pam now so there isn't much interest12:43
Rotwangeveryone except crux people12:46
tilmanpazo: patchibng plain login/crypt support back in should be easy12:47
pazoYeah, working on that. I'm copy-pasting from the 2.22 release12:49
pazohope 2.30 won't be released when I'm done12:49
juetilman: you've ssen that a new gcc is out?12:54
tilmanjue: yep. did you do a build yet ? =)13:00
jueyeah, using it since 4 days now, no issues13:02
jueplease test it as well :)13:03
tilmando you have a pkg.tar.gz somewhere?13:16
tilmanthat doesn't sem right13:26
tilmanLength: 6671 (6.5K) [application/octet-stream]13:26
jaegerport vs. pkg?13:26
tilmanoh, it's a port13:26
tilmannot a binary package13:26
jueah sorry, no problem to upload a package if you want13:27
tilmanno, it's fine13:27
rehabdoll4.4.3 works well for me on x86_64 too btw13:58
juerehabdoll: thx, good to know14:51
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