IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-01-26

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sepentilman, ping05:12
sepentilman, the Packager's line is empty for dosbox and ccache ports06:02
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jaegerI get an md5sum mismatch on core/file08:55
sepenjaeger, clamav-0.95.3 was released a while ago09:17
jaegerI can't update it now but I'll make a note to do it when I get home09:19
sepenah no problem09:21
sepenI noticed it after porting clamav to ARM09:21
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tilmanjaeger: hooray for silently changing tarballs14:35
tilmanpushing a fix in a second14:35
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jaegerdamn it, apparently I've once again forgotten which ssh key I use for crux stuff19:09
jaegeror reinstalled or something19:09
nipuLwhat do yu need?19:56
nipuLjaeger: ^19:57
jaegerprobably to replace my ssh pubkey on with one I actually have somewhere19:57
nipuLpaste your pub key somewhere and i can add it to your authorized keys file if you'd like19:58
jaegerthat would be great, /query work?19:58

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