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juesepen: there's a new adobe reader version, as usual with a couple of security fixes ;)09:34
sepenhi jue, thanks09:35
sepenI've a question for you@, can be possible to add a CNAME register in
juewe have to ask Charly aka _mavrick61 for that09:39
juewhat do you want?09:39
sepenwell, pitillo and me have a server in france, we want to use it as a mirror too09:40
sepenour server name is, so people could be confused because of the name09:41
sepenthere are currently no mirrors in france09:42
sepenit would be fine to have a cname like pointing to our server, and we can serve it as a vhost09:44
sepenalso we have in mind mirroring git-to-rsync-trees too (if possible)09:45
jueno objections from my side, but we should ask tilman too09:48
jueand finally Charly of course09:48
sepenof course, and is just a idea09:50
juebtw, is your xorg/intel issue solved?09:50
sepenyes and no09:51
sepenyes for my lenovo laptop, and not for my desktop09:51
sepenI have random X crashes09:51
jueI'm still running xorg-server 1.6.3 and intel 2.8.1 :(09:52
jueon my laptop09:52
sepenwell, after the upgrade it worked, but with new the problems come back09:52
jue@all: I've started a new wiki page ->
juefeel free to add/comment stuff10:03
sepenjaeger, ping10:05
sepen2.7 development started! yeah ;D10:07
sepenjue, I'd like to add a line about the usbdisk stuff10:08
juenono, that's just a few ideas10:08
juesure, do it10:08
sepenjaeger, nah' is a task related to gnome, do you know a way to setup keyboard shortcuts without using gconf-edit?10:10
sepen*err, keybindings10:10
jaegersepen: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts?10:15
sepenwell, I need something that creates the keyboard shortcuts stuff for every new user before start his first session10:16
sepensome keys from SUN's keyboards are mapped as wrong, I can use the GUI to change these values but I need something that configures it before users try to login his accounts10:20
jaegerNo idea on that, haven't ever tried10:21
jaegermaybe gdm can be configured to run an xmodmap file or something10:21
sepencan't use .Xmodmap for that, so gnome-desktop seems that overwrites them10:21
sepenthats more easy with pekwm ;D10:22
sepenthanks anyway10:22
tilmanask me about what?10:27
sepenhi tilman, about my cname question10:27
tilmanyou'd like to have a n dns entry for
sepenyes, I think I asked you in the past, but now we have a better server box10:28
tilmanwhat's the IP?10:29
tilmani can't promise anything, but i'll ask maverick about it10:29
sepenaround 3.5 MB/s should be fine, no?10:30
tilmannot sure why es implies arm, though10:32
jaegerunrelated, I imagine10:32
jaegerthat's just what they have already?10:32
sepenI explained the name confussion some lines above10:33
sepentilman, the cname is to avoid the confussion with our domain name10:34
tilmanwhy does the new cname _help_ in that regard?10:34
tilmanafaics youor contents is arm stuff10:34
sepencan't understand the question, sorry10:35
sepenah. now10:35
sepenwell, we planed to use it as a iso mirror for CRUX, so crux-arm could confuse people10:36
tilmanwouldn't mkake more sense then, since the server is located in france? :p10:37
sepenwe hosted arm-based contents on this domain (, but I think that this server could ve used for more than one thing too10:38
sepentilman, yeah10:38
sepenthat's true man ;D10:38
tilmandon't just ask for es/fr/whatever just because you'd like to mirror stuff10:39
sepenyep, but I could create some es_ES manuals too10:39
tilmanif the primary idea of that site is tpo host an arm port of crux, then maybe would make even more sense =)10:39
tilmanthink about it and let me know what you want10:39
sepenes or fr is not related to locations only10:39
sepenits also related to languages, and my mainpage will be in es_ES10:40
sepenwords like 'Descargar' instead of Downloads ;D10:41
sepenes_ES apperance, but sharing/mirroring the iso stuff, that makes more sense, no?10:42
tilmani guess10:44
sepentilman, or if es sounds bad for you... ovh.crux.nu10:45
sepenthe name is unimportant, the fact is that if is possible to use a cname10:46
tilmanyes, it's possible in theory10:47
tilmanbut i need to talk to maverick about it -- i cannot touch the DNS records myself10:47
sepentilman, and yes, makes sense, but we purchased too10:48
sepenbecause the unofficial status, so maybe implies official status imho10:48
sepentilman, anyway thanks a lot10:49
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