IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2010-02-11

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jaegerwho's in charge of git these days?08:33
jaegeron, I mean, not the port :)08:33
tilmanme, i guess13:06
jaegermaro and I were talking yesterday about combining our efforts as far as gnome is concerned and moving to a central gnome repository13:08
jaegerhe has some unusual setup in his stuff, though, like a common makefile13:09
jaegerfor something like gnome that could be pretty useful but figured I'd mention it13:09
tilmancommon makefile?13:10
jaegerMakefile was the wrong term, sorry, but a common file that gets sourced for gnome versions or something13:10
jaegerJust curious what your opinion is on stuff like that13:11
jaegerMakes some jobs easier for gnome, definitely13:12
tilmansourced from the pkgfiles?13:12
jaegerHe's put a lot more effort into scripting stuff like the common script and repo administrative tasks than I have13:13
tilmanif you think putting that stuff on is a good idea, then we can do that13:44
jaegerI think a gnome repo on is a good idea, yes, and I don't think the end user will be affected by the differences between maro's stuff and mine13:54
tilmanno, of course not14:12
tilmani'll set up an empty git repo, add a gnome group14:12
jaegerthanks :)14:12
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