IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2010-02-13

tilmanjaeger: i set up a gnome repository. try pushing to ssh://
jaegerok, will do13:01
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jaegergot an error I haven't seen, mind if I send it in query?13:05
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tilmani forgoto to chmod g+w -R13:06
tilmantry again13:06
jaegerlooks good this time13:06
jaegerI think only maro and I will likely use it right now13:07
jaegerpazo might want to join in later, not sure. haven't talked to him yet13:08
jaegerthanks for setting it up13:10
tilmani'm pretty sure i can set up ssh access for more interested people13:10
tilmanshould probably get jue's okay first though13:10
tilmanjaeger: do you have branches called 2.5, 2.6 etc like we do in core/opt/xorg?13:11
tilmanor just a master branch that works against crux lat.est?13:12
jaegerI don't have any yet but that's how I was planning to set it up13:12
tilmanthe former, yes?13:13
jaegeryes, sorry :) branches like core/opt/xorg13:13
tilmanokay, i'll set up the rsync export stuff then13:14
jaegerbefore you do that, an opinion question for you:13:14
jaegerDo you think it'd be better to match a branch to a crux release or to a gnome release?13:14
jaegermy old subversion stuff was matched to gnome releases but I'd been kinda thinking about redoing it the crux release way13:15
tilmanthe downside of the crux release way is that users are more or less forced to use the latest ported version13:19
tilmanare there more cons?13:19
jaegerHrmm, not sure... I guess I should think about it a bit before you set up the rsync, if you don't mind13:19
jaegerThere's no rush from my end13:19
tilmanif you decide to go with gnome releases, we'll have to adjust/extend the bash scripts for the exporting13:23
tilmanbecause currently, $repo/$branch gets published as crux-$branch/$repo13:24
jaegerok, I'll keep that in mind13:28
tilmanit shouldn't make you make the rong decision though =)13:28
tilmancan likely fix the scripts with a little time and lot more swearing13:29
jaegerhehe, fair enough13:29
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