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teK_btw jue : are there any official plans / 'opinions' wrt providing support for x86_64?08:19
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jueteK_: well, would be nice if we would be able to provide full x86_64 support, but I reckon that our current man-power is a bit too limited for that ...11:38
jueteK_: don't get me wrong, rehabdoll is doing a great job right now, but full support means for me that only tested ports are in the x86_64 ports-tree11:43
teK_yes, that's true11:47
teK_it's kind of sad that aon dropped out, too11:47
teK_we should divide/drop his ports asap11:47
teK_wrt 64bit: I installed the iso from yesterday and found not too much glitches so far :)11:48
teK_rehabdoll supports the *-86_64, right?11:48
teK_did he also compile the iso from
jueyeah, rehabdoll == obra.se11:51
teK_I'd happily help out if there's a lack of man power ;)11:51
teK_so the plan is to provide 'overlay' repos for 64-bit incompatible ports?11:51
juewrt aon, I've added his ports to OrphanedPorts11:52
jueno, there's no plan ;)11:52
teK_sounds great :P11:54
jueat least I'm not aware of any11:54
teK_you and tilman seem to be quite busy, too11:54
teK_well you should be if there was one *g*11:54
teK_rehabdoll: your ISO rocks! :)11:56
jueteK_: I'm not too busy at all, but have to spent quite some time to keep all ports up-to-date12:01
teK_sure, 136 ports + core is no peace of cake I suppose12:03
rehabdollbuilding a new one right now12:18
teK_I built 500 MB of packages yester/today12:23
teK_most times the glitches were due to broken downloads12:23
teK_CRUX needs mirrors of its own :[12:24
rehabdollthe biggest issue i have with building isos are broken footprints12:24
teK_oh well. I'm doing prt-get depinst -f `cat INSTALLEDPACKAGESFROM32BITHOST`  + ignore footprints :x12:26
teK_is there anything I could help you with?12:32
rehabdollwell, if you find any ports that needs 64bit quirks, i could use some help in maintaining them12:43
teK_including contrib?12:44
rehabdolltheres no repo for contrib yet, but i guess12:59
rehabdollpersonally i keep a few (openoffice) in my own repo12:59
teK_well I just fixed openoffice, too13:02
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tilmanteK_: yeah, i am14:51
teK_hey tilman :)14:53
rehabdolljaeger: have you experienced some failure during bootstrap and then find iso/ empty?15:42
jaegeroccasionally, yes. I think it happens if you start another bootstrap when the fake_root hasn't been unmounted/cleaned properly15:44
jaegerI haven't tested it thoroughly, though15:45
rehabdollah.. wipes /dev too :)15:45
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