IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2010-02-25

tilmanjaeger: so '2.5-2.24', '2.5-2.22, '2.6-2.24', '2.6-3.0' etc?01:23
tilmanjaeger: (re. branches that contain both crux and gnome version)01:23
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marotilman: I think we'll just track gnome releases and map them to crux releases06:13
maroso as soon we have a 2.28 ready that would likely map to crux 2.606:13
marobut given that the current 2.24 works on crux 2.6, it could point to that for now06:16
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jaegertilman: what maro said :)08:24
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tilmanjue and me got mail from the Open Invention Network12:12
tilman"... since CRUX is [...] one of the top 100 distributions [...]"12:12
tilmanmaro: jaeger: okay. let me know if you need anything13:22
jaegerwill do, thanks :)13:22
rehabdolljaeger: how do you usually update initramfs.lst? nifty script?15:01
jaegerI do it manually, a script was on my list of things to do but haven't gotten to yet15:02
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jaegergot damn it18:13
jaegermy build environment just chewed itself up18:13
jaegerfucking hell18:13
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jaegerI'm glad I've gotten into the habit of making backups of these things20:02
j^2i think20:23
jaegerindeed :)20:32
jaegernot sure it helped, getting REALLY odd messages now from builds20:40
jaegerthink my machine is fucked up now20:40
jaegerassembler messages20:44
jaegersuffix or operands invalid for 'xadd'20:45
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jaegerwish I knew how that happened21:07
jaegerI'm kinda tempted to make a build box 'appliance' in VirtualBox and upload that somewhere21:16
jaegerlooks like we don't need to update BuildingISO after all, except maybe version numbers22:28
jaegerah ha! linux32 was broken somehow, fixed now22:53

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