IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2010-03-03

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teK_rehabdoll: any objections if I add a new liba52 port to contrib-x86_64?10:03
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rehabdollgo nuts14:36
rehabdollis there a contrib-x86_64 repo? :)14:36
teK_don't think so14:38
* rehabdoll slaps tilman 14:41
teK_don't swear14:42
tilmansorry :p14:45
teK_I'd love to swear about my (recently) flaky internet connection and the ARD Mediathek14:46
tilmani bet my connection sucks more than yours14:47
teK_CRC Fehler: 302106014:47
teK_roughly 1 million / day14:47
tilmancrc fel!14:48
teK_reason: my landlord "installed" our phone line14:48
teK_without cable jackets14:48
tilmancable jackets? you mean insulation?14:48
tilmanerr, shielding14:48
teK_according to yes14:49
teK_line 1: his line 2-4: our lines (we tried them ALL)14:49
teK_this will last for at least three weeks because the soil is frozen so Telekom won't have a chance to repair this after _HE_ dug the hole in front of our house14:50
teK_21:48 < teK_> reason: my landlord "installed" our phone line14:51
teK_so he has to dig the hole. *sigh*14:51
teK_I got noticed that our TV-line is well.. not signed up with Kabel Deutschland, he used the one still present from and older house that was replaced by our's14:52
teK_crazy :P14:52
tilmansounds cool14:52
teK_"Thomas I can dump your christmas tree for you on Thursday or Frieday"14:53
teK_that was in Januar. It's still in his garage :p14:53
tilmannew dark tranquillity album is so fucking awesome15:00
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