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sepenhi jue03:14
sepentoo many thanks for the i586 stuff which you're still maintaining, but could you add old EISA support for the next i586 iso? I had some problems with my old toshiba laptop (Satellite 233CX), now it's working fine and really fast03:16
juenp, how did you solve it, built a new iso?03:19
sepenjust compiling a new kernel03:19
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sepenI don't have a patch for the deafault config but I've the config working for my particular case03:20
juesorry, I don't get it; if you was able to access your hd after booting the iso, whats the problem at all?03:23
sepenwell I was able but by using a squashfs formated usbdrive03:24
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sepenafter booting no common filesystem are available03:24
jueok, now I see ;)03:24
sepenthats the point for what I motivated jaeger to make newmedia changes03:24
sepenand also the same point for what my usbscript didn't work with default 2.6 iso03:25
sepenjue, do you have in mind to add the newmedia stuff in TODO-27?03:25
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sepen@seen rugek03:30
clbsepen: I have not seen rugek.03:30
juesepen: it's already there03:31
sepenI would update and fix pekwm (#454)03:31
juesure, go for it03:32
sepenimho we should use the 'due date' in tickets03:32
sepen@seen tillb04:15
clbsepen: tillb was last seen in #crux-devel 2 years, 43 weeks, 1 day, 17 hours, 16 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <tillb> please test it and give feedback; when it works well we can replace the current productive version04:15
rehabdollwhy dont we build libdrm with --enable-udev ?08:02
rehabdollshould be useful if you run x without a config-file08:06
rehabdoll.. permissions and stuff08:06
jaegerjue: I'll try to get that Makefile change done this week08:07
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jaegerlovely, now I have xcb-util libtool issues again :P09:44
jaegerok, sorted10:11
jaegerit does bring up an interesting concern, though... in order to build xorg-xf86-video-intel for an ISO, xorg-xcb-util needs to be installed10:13
jaegerxorg-xcb-util being installed causes other things to build differently, like cairo10:13
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juejaeger: great, much appreciated ;)11:16
juejaeger: btw, I've committed some stuff to 2.6-newmedia yesterday11:17
jaegergreat :)11:18
tilmanjaeger: okay, i'm making cairo _depend_ on xcb-util12:23
tilmanmy bad, i didn't realize that when i added it to -intel12:24
jaegertilman: ok, that will solve it easily enough :)12:40
jaegerno worries, I just wanted to mention it12:40
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