IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-03-08

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jaegerhrmm... need to figure out the best way to create a bootable image without already having a usb drive or something inserted16:56
jaegerIs there any way to do simple math in Makefiles?18:16
jaegerI'm not coming up with a good way to make the non-ISO image in the Makefil18:45
jaegermake is too limited18:45
jaegerpopulating a directory with stuff to transfer to a usb or cf or sd card is easy, getting the makefile to do the smart things with losetup, fdisk, mke2fs, etc. I'm not sure is possible18:53
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jaegeryay, got a working image created by a script22:53
jaegerit's a bit weird but works22:53
jaegerAFK, sleep23:37

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