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marojaeger: have you tried gnome w/zlib 1.2.4?06:01
marojaeger: looks like libxml2 (2.7.6) needs a patch for anything gnome to work with it07:13
maroon the bright side it seems the build is much more autoconf-y now - builds both shared and static lib and uses DESTDIR07:32
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juemaro: there's a new libxml2 release with a fix for the zlib issue ->
marojue: ah, cool, thanks13:35
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rehabdollradeon r6xx, r7xx needs some firmware not distributed with the kernel for the new & fancy features when using kms. should they be distributed from a repo?16:42
rehabdollits just two files, i made a port for it:
rehabdollopt perhaps?16:43
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jaegermaro: haven't had a lot of time for building anything lately, been swamped18:04
jaegertrying to revive my second machine now, heh18:16
jaegeroddly I had just previously copied that machine's install into this VM before it broke18:18
jaegerconvenient, I guess18:18
marodamn, lucky :)18:18
jaegeryeah :)18:18
jaegerconverting the install to a VM was kinda a neat exercise18:20
jaegerbooted the VM and the live machine both into LiveCDs, then did an rsync across18:20
jaegerbuilt the proper kernel for the vM, etc.18:20
jaegeron a very annoying note, lately I haven't been able to get any of my CRUX VMs working with the VirtualBox guest additions18:24
marohm, reminds me that I should spend some time getting libvirtd to work better here18:24
jaegerno idea if it's xorg-server 1.7 or what18:24
marohaving a tough time with the networking :(18:24
marohm, and going back to 1.6 is probably not straight forward considering what a mess the upgrade was18:25
jaegeryeah, haven't tried that yet but I think probably so18:25
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jaegernifty, this motherboard has a little power button on the board itself18:34
jaegermaro: how do you think it best to proceed with the gnome repo once I get my machines unborked? you're ahead of me because I haven't even built 2.28.x yet18:35
marojaeger: I'm not sure :( 2.30 is right around the corner too18:47
maroand I don't have packages for at least 50% of the modules that have hit the ftp-release-list during this cycle, I sure hope they aren't required for the bump18:49
marodamn I miss the early 2.x days18:49
jaegerlately I've felt like I don't know where to get solid info for gnome packagers18:50
maroyeah, I stopped reading desktop-devel-list a year or so ago so it's mostly by accident my gnome builds are still somewhat working18:51
marowe should probably also decide on some optional dependency policy for gnome since there's so damn many of them18:52
maropreferably one that is far away from what I'm doing18:52
jaegerhrmm, yeah18:52
marowhich is basically dragging all their shit in18:52
maroincluding pam :(18:53
jaegertried to avoid PAM but it seems to be a 100% requirement now =/18:53
jaegerI'd love to be proven wrong on that :)18:54
maroI hope some of the gentoo guys are working on that18:54
marothey're the only patch-writing distro that has an option to not use pam18:55
jaegerdefinitely worth a look18:55
maroprobably our only hope :(18:55
jaegergot a friend here locally who's a gentoo dev, I'll poke at him to ask someone :)18:55
maroah, cool :)18:55
jaegerhe's not directly involved in gnome as far as I know but can't hurt to ask18:56
maroat least he should be able to point you in the right direction18:56
marostill no gitweb for gnome?18:58
marocrux-gnome that is18:58
jaegerI assume that's because there's not a mapping for branches to gitweb yet?18:59
marojust no link to it18:59
maro;a=summary :)18:59
jaegeryeah. the repo is up and does have my crap in it18:59
jaegerfeel free to mess with it all you like18:59
jaegertilman: would you edit gnome.git's description file to say something better? :) like "GNOME ports for CRUX"19:02
jaegerwhenever, no hurry19:02
maroCRUXy GNOMEs19:03
marojaeger: would it be a help if I did a automation branch of 2.24 to integrate my ugly hacks?19:09
maroI guess that would ease the upgrade burden at least a bit19:10
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