IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2010-03-21

rehabdolltilman: radeon r6xx/r7xx will require firmware for KMS when 6.13 gets released. should we distribute these in xorg or opt?09:26
rehabdollthey are not shipped with the kernel09:26
tilmanhow is the firmware distributed?09:29
tilmanmay i suggest to call the port "radeon-ucode"? =)09:32
tilmanand i think i'd go with opt instead of xorg09:32
teK_< teK_> tilman: git depends on python09:33
tilmanright right09:34
teK_+ there's an update for git available09:34
rehabdolli could push it to opt if you like, i doubt there will be much maintenance required09:36
tilmanradeon kms is in the kernel proper (not staging) in 2.6.33, right?09:37
tilmananyway, go ahead09:37
tilmanwe could wait for 6.13 to be released, but meh09:37
tilmanhaving the ucode in ports allows people to test the prereleases09:37
tilmanteK_: git update soon. waiting for sepen to hear his opinion on the dep10:31
teK_I think there's no hurry. git is a beast anyway :P10:32
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