IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-03-23

rehabdolldoes [notify] git commits automagically get posted to the ml?07:13
rehabdollwrong window D;07:13
teK_rehabdoll:  I think so07:14
rehabdollsoon find out07:49
tilmanrehabdoll: yes, they should be11:59
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rehabdolldont see one13:08
rehabdolloh well13:08
juerehabdoll: your notify-mail got blocked because it is too big13:09
rehabdolltime for some exciting laundry13:09
rehabdollanyway to trim it from my end? or is it the size of the footprint diff that screws it up?13:09
juemessages are limited to 200KB13:09
rehabdolli guess i could do it in two commits next time, if thats more appropriate13:10
tilmanit's the footprint13:11
tilman(most likely)13:11
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