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sepenrehabdoll, ping04:18
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sepenI like the idea about LICENSE.radeon but this file is not copied to $PKG however is listed as source file. is that right? IMHO doesn't make sense to have a source file which won't take part of the generated package05:30
rehabdollfair enough, what do you suggest?05:31
sepenwell I didn't fight against this kind of task before ;D05:32
sepenmaybe to copy them into $PKG/usr/share/$package/LICENSE, or COPYING, etc?05:33
rehabdolli dont really like junk-files and i figured just including the license with the dir would be enough05:45
sepenas a source ??05:45
sepenjust you can add a file like the README though05:45
rehabdollso just remove it from source?05:47
rehabdollafk, bbl05:48
sepenjue or tilman, what do you think about that?05:49
juehmm, no idea about the legal side05:59
jueas long as we do not provide a package of the port it should be ok to have the license as part of the port, IMO06:00
sepenyeah, but as source file?06:04
sepenI mean, as a part of source=()? imho it does not make sense to have a md5sum of this file, is not a source required to build the package06:05
jueif not, it will be removed with tools like prtwash06:07
sepenwell imho I like more the README file format06:08
sepena LICENSE section in a README file it would be fine06:08
sepenprtwash detects README, FAQ and *-install scripts though06:09
sepenmaybe we can patch prtwash to detect a LICENSE or COPYING files06:10
sepentosave=( "${tosave[@]}" "LICENSE" ) whould be enough06:11
juehmm, TBH I like the README idea more06:12
juemainly because of its prt-get support06:13
sepenhmmmm what about prtwash and .nostrip files?06:14
sepencan't see a line for .nostrip files in the code06:14
juewell, patches are always welcome ;)06:15
sepenwell I'll do some tests a send you a patch, maybe I'll file a ticket06:16
juesepen: mom06:18
sepenmother? mutha?06:19
sepenyeah, that's all we need! +106:20
jueyou are using an old version?06:20
sepenohh, this is my office's desktop, sorry man06:21
sepenI was in another terminal/window06:22
sepen$ find /usr/ports -type f -name FAQ | wc -l ==> 0 ocurrences found06:26
sepenteK_, I had an openmortal port too, are you sure that sdl_mixer is not required?07:00
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teK_sepen: sdl_mixer _is_ needed09:07
sepensure, as I  listed in _MY_ Pkgfile09:08
teK_I did not see _YOUR_ Pkgfile09:08
sepenmaybe you should use the portdb09:08
teK_I don't see a reason to be angry :-)09:09
sepenno no imho its just an habbit nice to have09:09
sepensorry the bad-english-explanation09:09
teK_I DO love your script, btw09:10
teK_imho this should be integrated into prt-get or pkgutils09:10
sepenteK_, I'm working on a C version09:10
teK_yeah, but the perl version enables one to (easily) change the output format09:11
sepenwait man, about what script are you talking about?09:11
sepenthe one I file on a ticket?09:11
teK_% pquery openmortal09:12
teK_    portname: openmortal09:12
teK_    repo: contrib09:12
teK_    type: rsync09:12
teK_    downloadcommand: rsync -aqz openmortal09:12
sepenI'm not sure this was mine09:12
sepenhmm can't find the ticket I filed sometime ago (XML support for portdb)09:14
sepenfound. #17509:15
sepenteK_, :) 'mortal combar clone'09:33
sepenteK_, if you create your own character for openmortal please share it, OM rocks!09:37
sepencombar sounds better ;D09:40
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rehabdollso, move the license file to readme and remove from source?13:37
tilmani couldn't care less either way13:38
rehabdollare readme files parsed? should i tag the license somehow? ive never paid any attention to them13:51
tilmannot parsed13:57
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