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sepenwow #57704:09
sepenI looked in the wrong place and told him the least appropriate person ;D04:10
sepenthis one its also funny05:36
rehabdolli bumped libjpeg locally here, everything seems to build with it, except epdfview08:41
rehabdollbuilds on x86_64 without any hacks too \o/08:42
tilmani pondered adding opt/libjpeg7 earlier08:43
tilmanextra port, because: "On IRC someone (I think it was pitillo) mentioned that v7 isn't binary compatible to v6b."08:44
sepenthat would be nice08:44
rehabdollim running 8 here08:44
rehabdollThe current version is release 8a of 28-Feb-2010.08:45
pitilloummm I remember that... that was some time ago. I haven't checked it recently08:45
tilmanthe v7 cycle took like... 5 months?08:45
sepentilman, I'll close the ticket I reopened08:45
tilmanrehabdoll: is v8 binary compatible to v6 again by chance? :D08:46
rehabdollhaha nah08:48
rehabdollrevdep ftw08:48
rehabdollnevermind, epdfview builds fine with libjpeg 808:51
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tilmanis pushing to opt.git slow for anyone else?09:04
tilmantilman@crux [/home/crux/scm/ports] > du -sh opt.git09:05
tilmanwtf wtf wtf09:05
tilmanokay, maintenance time. tight now.09:05
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tilmanhi jue09:08
juehi tilman09:09
juetilman: btw, I've added the update of libjpeg and libpng as a 2.7 task to Wiki/TODO27, hope that's ok for you09:11
tilmanthere's a problem with libpng, too?09:12
tilmanaha, 1.4.1 has been released09:12
jueno, not a problem but version 1.4.x ;)09:13
tilmanreading now09:13
tilman      The png_zalloc() function no longer zeroes out the memory that it09:20
tilman      allocates.09:20
tilmani wonder how many bugs that will introduce :D09:20
teK_yesterday I tried to depinst spamassassin on a fresh box and noticed that - because gnugp requires pinentry - a whole lot of xorg stuff would have been installed11:15
jueteK_: yeah, that pinentry thing is a pain11:56
jueteK_: how about maintaining pinentry?11:58
teK_just found another one11:58
teK_jue: a separate port would be a good solution11:58
teK_gmpc now depends on vala11:58
jueI've an idea how we could fix the evil11:58
tilmanwhat idea?11:58
teK_so you need another compiler to install gmpc. I'm quite angry right now.11:59
juewell, first we need sepatate ports that provides pinentry-ncurses, pinentry-gtk2 etc.11:59
juebut no sysmlink to pinenetry12:00
jueand a small script /usr/bin/pinentry that calls either pinentry-qt4, pinentry-gtk2 or pinentry-ncurses12:01
teK_the script is part of..?12:01
tilman... a new port called "pinentry"12:01
tilmanwe'd write that script12:01
tilmani guess12:02
jueI'd say pinentry-ncurses = pinentry12:02
jueand the other two are depending on pinentry12:03
jueyep, works, with --disable-pinentry-{gtk,gtk2,qt,qt4} only the ncurses version got build12:05
jueand  --enable-pinentry-curses of course :)12:06
teK_trying :)12:14
teK_+ sounds reasonable12:14
teK_where should I put the new ports? contrib?12:30
teK_e.g. pinentry(=ncurses)  stays in opt12:31
teK_s/e.g./i.e./g ;)12:31
jueI'd say opt12:31
teK_all o' them?12:32
teK_mkay :-)12:32
teK_configure: error: libcap headers not found.12:43
teK_=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/nfs-utils#1.2.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.12:43
teK_my fault?12:43
juelibcap is a new dep for nfs-utils since 1.2.212:45
teK_I thought they were part of core12:45
teK_sorry for the noise12:45
teK_yes. :-)12:47
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teK_gtk-* etc. works but qt4 won't:13:34
teK_In file included from pinentrydialog.cpp:246:13:35
teK_pinentrydialog.moc:14:2: error: #error "This file was generated using the moc from 4.4.1. It"13:35
teK_pinentrydialog.moc:15:2: error: #error "cannot be used with the include files from this version of Qt."13:35
teK_pinentrydialog.moc:16:2: error: #error "(The moc has changed too much.)"13:35
teK_make[2]: *** [pinentrydialog.o] Error 113:35
tilmani guess i broke that when i reverted your (too aggressive) patch13:36
tilmanyour fix from $then can be used now13:36
tilmanrm foo.moc13:37
tilmanqt4-moc foo.blabla13:37
teK_'ll have a look, thanks13:37
tilmanjust a wild guess, but i think that should be the correct fix :)13:37
jueteK_: try newest pinentry?13:45
jueyep, works with 0.8.013:47
teK_ok, hanging on the phone right ;)13:51
teK_17:44 < teK_> is there a sane way to get gmpc compiling without vala being installed?15:00
teK_20:06 < DaveD_onHiatus> realy if you have nothing usefull to say, get the f**** out of here15:00
teK_20:08 < DaveD_onHiatus> *not* wanting to add a compiler as a compile time dependency... idiot15:00
tilmanfwiw, the gmpc people could create a tarball with the c code that's generated by valac16:08
jueteK_: should be pinentry-curses in the last if-block, and I'd suggest to put $@ within " -> "$@"16:24
juedo we really need a gtk1 version ? :)16:25
juehmm, or better 'exec /usr/bin/pinentry-qt4 "$@"'16:32
tilmanyes, i guess16:41
tilmanmaybe -x instead of -e in the test-s?16:41
teK_if we do -x then we should also emit a warning if pinentry-curses does not exist16:55
teK_tilman: as far as I can see, there are C files shipped with the vala directory17:05
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