IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2010-04-08

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juetilman: ping13:05
tilmanjue: pong14:02
juetilman: is there a reason why we use bsdtar to extract the sources and tar to build the package14:03
juein pkgmk14:04
tilmanheh. i don't think so :)14:04
jueah, ok :)14:04
jueI'm asking because I'm looking at the pkg.tar.xz thing ATM14:07
tilmanah, nice14:07
jueif we want that we have to add support for it to pkgadd as well ...14:08
jueand that mean you have to touch pkgadd ;)14:09
tilmanthat's okay14:09
tilmanit would only require very minor changes14:09
jueok, fine14:10
jueI've added ticket #581 for that, will attach my pkgmk-patch to it14:11
jueI'm unsure wrt the variable name for the new pkgmk.conf option, how about PKGMK_COMPRESS_EXT ?14:13
juevalid values for it are gz, bz2 and xz14:14
tilmanquite long though14:15
jueyeah, that basically better14:20
tilman_COMPRESSION_SCHEME maybe14:22
juebut wouldn't that imply to spezify gzip, bzip2 instead of gz and bz2?14:23
tilmanwe could handle both the abbreviation and the full name14:23
tilmanoh well, it's not that important14:24
jue.oO, my current solution is really simple14:25
tilmani think we could use _COMPRESSION_SCHEME with gz/bz2/xz14:25
tilmanif we agree that _COMPRESSION_SCHEME is a nicer name than COMPRESSION_EXT14:25
tilmanmaybe someone else has a good idea, too14:25
juePKGMK_COMPRESSION_SCHEME is nice, let's use it for now14:29
juetilman: if we are there, do you have a opinion wrt the error_codes and ignore_new patches14:34
tilmanlooking at your diff, _COMPRESSION_MODE might be even better14:35
tilmanpatch looks sweet14:37
tilmanand yes: i need to look at johannes' patches again14:37
tilmani think we did want to merge them ;)14:37
tilmanbed time, early day tomorrow :P14:37
juegood night :)14:38
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