IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2010-04-10

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juestarted to play a bit with 2.7 today, an update isn't that easy this time because we have two intrusive new program versions09:34
juelibgmp and openssl09:34
juethe first obviously breaks gcc, the second libarchive09:35
juetilman: are you aware that libarchive links against openssl?09:35
tilmanlibarchive? how so?09:35
tilmanaha, it lnks to libcrypto09:36
jueyeah ;)09:36
tilmanah, it uses it for its hash functions09:37
tilmanwe could build with --without-openssl09:37
tilman"Don't build support for mtree and xar hashes through openssl"09:38
tilmanwe don't have xar anyway (libxml2 dependency)09:38
jueyeah, but we still have the gcc problem which requires an update via binary-package, so it's not that important09:39
juebut well, if we don't need it, let's remove it09:39
tilmansince pkgmk is linked statically to libarchive, the ssl code doesn't get pulled in anyway09:39
tilmanso i don't think it will hurt _much_09:40
juefound the problem with bsdtar09:40
tilmanah, i see09:40
juegood, one package less09:48
tilmanyeah :)09:48
jueremains the following:09:52
juewget libgmp libmpfr gcc coreutils gcc and the new libmpc09:52
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frinnstgentoo has a bug# for tracking openssl 1.0 issues:

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