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tilmanthe plan is to replace all discs because you assume the other 2 might die soon, too?00:53
jaegerwe made a backup to the 250GB drive, sdd, then fixed the raid arrays00:54
jaegerso it's running on 2x82GB and 1x160GB with a backup on the 250 at the moment00:54
tilmanokay, great00:56
jaegergoing to bed, take care01:04
tilmangood night, and thanks again :)01:04
jaegerno problem. :)01:04
tilmanoff to work. back between 6 and 7pm i think01:23
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jueit's unbelievable, gcc 4.5 fails to compile glibc on a i686 host, but both parties don't accept that this might be bug on their side ;)04:28
jueif someone is interessted I've pasted the patch with comments, links to the bugs etc. ->
juethat's the patch I'm using here on my 2.7 test-partition04:33
frinnsti recompiled glibc on x86_6406:15
frinnstalthough it was 2.11.1 or something06:15
juefrinnst: sure that works, it's only a issue on i68606:22
jueand the same for 2.11 and 2.1006:23
juebtw, using 2.11.1 as well on my test-drive06:24
frinnsthahha ulrichs comments are awesome06:32
frinnst"Yes, use a different -march."06:32
frinnstso constructive06:33
juebut I don't think that gcc is correct here, I've just reopened the bug and added a comment06:37
frinnstare you running any interesting options with gcc 4.5? i basically just compiled with the old options + mpc07:49
jueno, quite the same as with 4.4, but I've removed the gdb/python stuff07:52
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_mavrick61I think I will have time to replace all the harddisk later this evening. I have purchased new disk today.09:41
_mavrick61It will be the same RAID setup, but instead of 80GB disc's it will be 160GB disc. So the total discspace will be aprox. 320 GB09:44
_mavrick61Where is my login?09:58
teK_I can reset your password11:05
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tilman_mavrick61: can you login now?11:33
teK_are you handling this, tilman?11:34
teK_I could do it, too :)11:35
tilmanthat's fine, too11:39
tilman_mavrick61: are you connecting to port 22 or to port 2222?11:41
jaegerMight be useful to increase the size of /  a bit when upgrading drives11:43
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_mavrick61Back from a delicious dinner that my son did.15:16
_mavrick61I'm stuffed15:16
_mavrick61Standard Port15:16
_mavrick61I'll check soon. I have to arrange some other stuff.15:18
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teK_jaeger: _mavrick61 /server needs some love, I think16:01
jaegerWhat's up? I'm only here for 25 more minutes, then will be gone until late this evening16:03
teK_jaeger: I will announce the downtime in the news, ok?16:29
jaegerhold off on it for now, I'm about to be gone for several hours16:30
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