IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2010-04-17

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jueit's strange, the fedora branch of the official glibc repo has a patch for the __i686 problem ;)03:45
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juetilman: I've added the new gcc link-time optimization to our open points in TODO2704:09
juemarked the open points in green as well, looks a bit clearer now04:13
tilmanthank you04:15
frinnstwhat about ports in opt for 2.7? i was thinking grub204:23
juefrinnst: no opinion here, don't use grub myself04:39
juehmm, we have only a grub port in opt?04:39
tilmanis grub2 considered ready for consumption yet?04:40
frinnstworks for me (tm)04:42
frinnsti think ubuntu and those guys use it04:42
frinnsti could thrash it around some more05:00
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juefrinnst: just to get it right, you meant opt packages shipped with the ISO?08:11
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frinnstwell, grub is included on the iso, no?09:23
frinnstand since the changes from grub1->grub2 are quite extensive it makes more sense to bump wh09:24
frinnstwith everything else..09:24
frinnstor even remove it :)09:24
mike_kis it easily possible to have both installed?09:36
mike_kat least having both on iso won't hurt09:37
frinnstyes, you can even run grub2 from grub :)09:48
frinnstbut it might be a good idea to hold off until it matures some more09:51
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teK_jaeger: can we announce the downtime?10:28
jaegereverybody ok with doing it now?10:30
teK_*syncingcoreoptcontribalasttime* ;)10:30
tilmanfeel free to go ahead10:31
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_mavrick61Shall we have same setup as before? But you can now increase some of the partition. 3 160 GB instead of 3 80 gb10:39
_mavrick61Usebal space will be aprox. 320 GB10:40
_mavrick61Sorru wron channel10:40
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_mavrick61After a successfull recover and disc update. The server should work for a while. Last period was 5 years.17:16
frinnstthe disk died a heroes death17:23
teK_mav fried it with a HUGE screwdriver :D17:25
_mavrick61Ha ha ha ;-))17:59
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