IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2010-04-18

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_mavrick61 I shall now go down to our data center. So wounder if I can halt crux server an put it back in to the 19" rack.10:33
tilman_mavrick61: still there? i can power it down now11:29
tilman_mavrick61: oh, you have root access anyway. let's just agree on a day and time for the moving of the machine11:34
tilmanwhenever fits you best =)11:35
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_mavrick61The backup to NDC backup server seems to now work too. There is some premsision errors.15:56
teK_have you run it via crond?15:57
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_mavrick61I started the cron script manualy.16:20
teK_btw I think having the script + password chmodded to 744 is a bad idea16:21
teK_but I will fix this myself16:21
jaegertilman, teK_: do we still run the torrent tracker from my homedir?20:54
jaegerjust noticed my crux torrents weren't connecting20:56
jaegerI started it but feel free to kill it if that's the wrong one20:57
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