IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-04-19

tilmanjaeger: ages ago i copied the torrent stuff from your ~ to mine and ran it from there. i don't mind you running it though. do you have all the torrents?00:29
teK_as lang as it's in screen and documented somewhere, it's fine00:50
tilmanteK_: it's "maintenance", not "maintainance" (yes, it's a bitch) ;]00:53
teK_uhm i corrected it?00:53
teK_at leas i thought so00:53
teK_< uni00:56
teK_ftl :<00:56
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jaegertilman: I think I've got all the current ones, will check it again08:16
jaeger2.2 through 2.608:17
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tilman_mavrick61 jaeger: thanks for fixing the server so quickly;11:19
teK_so backup seems to be working again14:10
teK_I will set it to 2:30am to not stress the backup server too much14:12
jaegernp :)14:16
teK_CRUX Users in Passau = 2;15:20
teK_but I don't know him yet.15:21
teK_the Earth is a village15:21
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