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_mavrick61Short notise. I'll will take Crux-server down to our data center. So I will shut it down.06:35
_mavrick61Now Crux-server is back in the Data Center and in to 19" rack.06:45
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jaeger_mavrick61: nice08:08
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jaegerAlong the lines of the 2.7 ISO, I'm not really happy with how the image build process goes, couldn't make it fit nicely into the Makefile format12:39
jaegerright now I have the Makefile calling a shell script to do the usb image part of things12:39
jaegersepen also said that creating a proper partition table on the usb device image isn't necessary but I wasn't able to figure out a decent way to get an MBR on the image otherwise12:42
juehmm, is make to limited for what your needs?12:46
jaegerIt might be, not sure. It's possible that I just don't know it well enough12:47
jaeger <-- these are the changes12:48
teK_jaeger: syslinux won't create the required partition 'layout'/mbr?12:50
jaegerno, it expects to find a filesystem already created12:52
jaegerAlso, calling the build script from the Makefile does work, it just feels like a hack to me12:52
juewell, looks not so bad to me :)12:53
jueif it works I'd suggest to commit it to our repo12:56
jueafter that we can try to improve13:01
jaegerok, I'll make sure it's up to date and commit it tonight if I can13:02
juecool, thx13:02
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frinnstSpeaking of which, did anyone at McAfee even bother to test this dat on a Windows XP machine?15:02
frinnststupid paste15:03
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frinnstbtw, would it be possible to replace /arch/i386/ with /arch/x86 ?15:06
jaegerreplace it where?15:06
frinnstsince the image in /i386/boot is just a symlink to /x8615:06
frinnstall kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSION)/arch/i386/boot/bzImage15:06
jaegerin the Makefile or docs or what?15:06
frinnst/arch/i386/boot/bzImage is a symlink to /arch/x86/boot/bzImage15:07
jaegeryeah, shouldn't be any problem15:07
jaegerI hadn't even noticed it, heh15:07
jaegerbeen using x86 for ages in my own compiles but hadn't checked there15:07
frinnstarch/x86_64/boot/bzImage is also a symlink to x86 on 64bit systems15:08
frinnstless sed for me :)15:08
jaegerok, pushed the -newmedia changes up for people to play with15:30
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