IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2010-04-23

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sepenjaeger, ping04:08
sepenplease, see the function createImage() on the script hosted here:
teK_I think we already spoke about hosting mpup on crux.nu05:17
teK_it'd be great :)05:17
sepenATM my server box has some problems with the main hdisk05:17
sepenpciide1:0:0: bus-master DMA error: missing interrupt, status=0x2105:17 == a kludge05:17
sepenI need a week or so to get my system working again05:18
teK_yeah, good luck recovering it05:19
sepenbut nowadays I've a lot of work at office, so I'm tired when arrived to home05:19
teK_uni started for me again this week05:19
teK_rocks, too :>05:19
sepenI'm also studing yet05:20
teK_someone at my "old" office just asked what those BofH signatures in my mails mean :>05:21
teK_what does "the butane lighter causes the pincushioning" mean???05:21
teK_thank god it's friday, I will have to come up with an explanation by monday :>05:22
teK_anyways, lunch. bbl.05:22
sepenyeah today is a good day to get drunken05:25
sepenI want it's time to leave the office05:26
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