IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-04-26

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j^2what's the story with2.7?13:56
tilmanplanning currently13:58
tilman(not sure that's the kind of answer you're looking for :P)13:58
j^2i want to be part of it; are we gonig to have project meetings for it?14:00
tilmanyeah, we should14:01
tilmangreat to hear you want to help out \o/14:01
j^2if it's cool i wouldnt mind playing "PM" on it.  i'd like some exposure with project planning and it seems that this would be a good place to start14:03
j^2taking tasks, annyoing checking tickets the like14:03
j^2s/annoying checking/ annoying, checking/14:03
j^2well, i should say..."annoying the developers" :P14:04
tilmani thought you wanted to contribute "real work" :D14:04
j^2oh i can too :)14:04
j^2...i think :P14:04
tilmanfrinnst: want to help me figure out how to build openjdk from source?14:57
tilmani'm stuck with this shit14:57
tilmanfrinnst: pretty please? ;)15:14
j^2converted the CRUX wiki 2.7 to a .pod --> openproj file15:17
j^2no dates on it yet, but at the first meeting we should add em :)15:20
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frinnsttilman: heh15:32
frinnstnot tonight :)15:32
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j^2back :)15:34
jaegerlooks like p5-uri needs an update to 1.5416:12
jaeger1.51 seems to be gone now16:12
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