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acrux_good day02:41
acrux_tilman, maybe it helps02:43
acrux_but i'm not the maintainer02:43
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teK_uhm, down?06:49
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pitilloseems so07:49
pitilloup again07:51
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pitillohello, does someone know if you want to create a freenode group for nick's cloacs and to show crux like a project?08:42
jaegerwe've tried in the past08:46
jaegerthey never answered08:46
pitilloI have been talking yesterday with someone (I think one of the opers) which told me to make some tries if the first one doesn't make effect08:48
pitillolet's see if it can be done with another one and how many time is needed08:49
pitillothank you for the answer jaeger_ :)08:49
jaegerno problem08:51
tilmanacrux_: thank you, i'll have a look09:59
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j^2how's everyone today?10:30
jaegernot bad, keeping busy10:31
tilmannow the goddamn jdk build fails because when it tries to retrieve a file via https the certificate check fails10:51
tilmantried to make it use http instead: the webserver redirects me to the https url10:52
tilmani downloaded the file manually and started a webfsd instance ;)10:55
tilmanseemed to work10:55
jaegerhehe, nice10:57
tilmannow building jdk and llvm in parallel11:04
tilmanmy system doesn't like the load ;)11:04
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juejaeger: p5-uri is updated now, thanks for the hint11:10
jaegerjue: thanks :)11:34
jaegerlooks like vte will need an update, too, will poke sepen when I see him11:34
pitillojaeger: I told him, he has the update (and some more) on the todo list... very busy these lasts months11:39
jaegerok :)11:39
jaegerI won't bother him with another request, then11:39
tilmanopenjdk seems to build now btw11:40
pitillojaeger: I think you don't bother11:44
pitillothere is one who bothers him a bit more...11:44
tilmaneither my zip or my unzip talk german12:07
frinnsttilman: great, give me a port :p12:11
tilmanit's still building12:12
tilmanfrinnst: pgup; that http/webfs hack would be hard to do in a port12:12
tilmanfwiw, i used arch linux's openjdk binary package for the build12:12
tilmanlet's not jinx it12:13
tilmanwill report later12:13
frinnstbreak a leg12:13
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tilmanbuild aborted12:31
tilman/bin/sh: /bin/cpio: No such file or directory12:31
tilmangoddamn imbecile build setup12:31
tilmanthe build itself seemed to have finished....12:32
tilmanControl build finished: 10-04-27 19:5813:01
j^2if it wasnt challanging it wouldn't be fun ;)13:05
j^2any thoughts on the proprosed IRC meeting?13:07
juewould prefer 20:00, but it's ok for me13:14
j^2i personally get out of work around 5pm CDT. which is 2100 :( i cant take notes if i'm in the car ;)13:15
j^2and it can just be a begining meeting, put some rough milestones and goals etc :)13:16
juetilman: are you able to look at the gcc optimizations until next week?13:16
juej^2: well, currently there's nothing fancy new, we need decisions about the points marked green in the wiki, the rest is not critical13:25
jueI've done most of the stuff already ;)13:26
j^2oh crazy13:27
j^2any chance you've taken a look at the .pod file?13:27
jaegerI like the ideas of moving man pages and .xz packages on the ISO13:28
jueyes, looked at it13:29
j^2jaeger: what would that entail?13:29
j^2jue: any thougts?13:29
jaegerthe additions to coreutils sound nice as well, as long as they don't break anything13:29
jaegerI don't care one way or the other about gcc optimizations, personally13:30
jaegerj^2: pkgutils would need xz support added and the ISO Makefile tweaked a little13:30
jaegernothing too crazy13:30
jueI've prepared a patch for pkgmk already and the changes needed for pkgadd are minor (says tilman)13:32
juejaeger: btw, you exactly said what my thoughts are :)13:34
jaegerjue: ok :)13:36
juej^2: not sure if we need something other than our wiki and the bug-tracker13:42
juebut I'm happy to see that someone other cares about pm ;)13:44
j^2jue: honestly i'd really like to play that role.  I'm trying to move into that position at work and i'd really like to have some experiance in it, i've done it on a very high level, but never really ran with it.13:53
j^2it would me alot to me if we could at least try :)13:53
juesure, no objections, help is always welcome13:57
j^2:) :) :)13:58
juebut we have to ask the others too13:58
tilmani don't him playing taskmaster fwiw14:05
tilmanjue: yes14:05
tilman(re. gcc :x)14:05
frinnsttilman: where did you get the openjdk tarball from? i hate java.com14:06 even14:06
tilman ->14:07
tilmanon the left there's a tiny lame menu14:07
tilmanbelow "Source code" there's Bundles14:07
tilmanbundles is what javaheads call tarballs apparently14:07
frinnstyay, zipfiles14:08
tilmani got a tar.gz anyway14:08
tilmanmmh, you're probably on the wrong page14:09
tilmanfirst link (42 MB tar.gz)14:09
frinnstah, i was at the jdk7 page14:09
tilmanthat patch fixes the paths for grep/egrep/cpio, disables -Werror and adds the horriblr horrible https/http/webfs hack14:10
tilman(hidden in the middle of the diff)14:10
frinnstJOY, tarbomb14:10
tilmanfn annoying14:10
tilmansorry, forgot about that otherwise i'd warned you ;)14:11
tilmanthe first hunk is probably not needed14:11
tilmanmake COMPILER_WARNINGS_FATAL=false might do the trick14:11
j^2updated the task list with resoures and a couple assginments from what ya'll have said14:12
tilmanfrinnst: that's the environment variables that i had to set14:13
tilmanfrinnst: if you have the cups port installed, you probably don't need to set ALT_CUPS_HEADERS_PATH14:13
frinnstahahha /home/tilman/fuckingjavashit14:14
tilmansorry, that's a typo14:15
tilmanthe jdk i built works14:17
tilmantested with a GUI app. fonts look godawful though14:17
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frinnstxorg-server 1.8.1 rc1 \o/17:18
frinnstsane configdir17:19
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jaegerj^2_: not sure what you want me to do with ticket #58119:20
jaegerjue has already made the patch19:20
j^2_opps, i thought you said you were going to take care of it19:22
jaegerI answered your question about what it would take19:23
jaegerbut jue had already made the pkgmk patch19:23
j^2_sorry about that19:23
jaegerno worries19:24
j^2_i got my shell server back up so you can get rid of my account :) thx again19:24
jaegerno problem19:25
j^2_it was easier to convince the fiance than i thought19:25
jaegerheh, fair enough19:25
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