IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2010-04-30

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j^2how's everyone today?10:25
jaegernot bad here, you?10:30
j^2reorg happended...massive layoffs...luckly i wasnt part of the layoffs10:51
j^2 :)10:51
j^2it's always a good feeling when your ex-manager gets layed off when he asked you at some point "what do you even do here?....oh so your useless then?"10:54
teK_i know that feeling10:55
teK_although I made him my ex-manager *before* he got layed off10:55
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frinnstwhy is vim being configured with --with-x=no ?13:41
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frinnsti get why vi is configured the same way, but vim lives in /usr and still builds if xorg is not installed13:55
tilmani have no idea13:57
tilmanmaybe jue knows13:57
frinnstill pester him when he shows up then :>13:57
teK_git blame for teh rescue13:58
frinnsttoo lazy to clone core13:58
frinnsti guess per is to blame?13:59
tilmanit's probably not in git hostiry13:59
tilmanalso not in history14:00
* teK_ dislikes this git hystery :x14:01
teK_% git blame Pkgfile | grep with-x                                                                                                                   :(14:01
teK_342e2666 (Juergen Daubert     2007-04-19 18:22:16 +0200 25)                 --with-x=no \14:01
teK_f5618280 (Simone Rota         2007-02-16 12:43:21 +0100 48)                 --with-x=no \14:01
tilmannow 'git show 342e2666' ; it's a false positive14:02
tilmanmaybe blame -w14:02
tilman-> it was like this forever14:03
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juenew gcc 4.4.4 is out, just bump version and -uf15:02
juetesters welcome ;)15:03
juefrinnst: it's easy to answer: because we do not want that core/vim links against xorg-stuff15:06
jueit's the same with coreutils and --disable-libcap etc.15:07
juewithout that stuff from our ISO would be terrible broken15:11
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juefrinnst: btw, why do you want that?15:15
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teK_gcc version 4.4.4 (CRUX) (GCC)15:25
teK_compiling/reinstalling glibc15:25
teK_okay system rebootet without problems15:37
juegood ;)15:40
teK_and this was even with x86_6415:41
teK_I'm quite optimistic wrt 64bit support for CRUX :)15:41
juewell, I think it's not a technical problem to support both arch's, but a question of man-power. The overlay strategy might be usable for core ports, but for opt/contrib we need complete separate repos for each arch, IMO15:52
teK_15 ports for opt right now15:54
jueno, the problem is a different one.15:55
juecurrently the user can be sure that all ports are tested on the i686 platform15:56
juebut it's not garanteed for x86_6415:56
teK_testing the 15 ports is not that big deal imho15:57
teK_and more or less the user is the 'last' tester anyway15:57
frinnstok, i was just curious16:30
juefrinnst: as a general rule, a core port should never has optional dependencies16:37
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