IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2010-05-02

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tilmanregarding that gmp abi break05:02
tilmanwe could:05:02
tilman1.) build gmp with --disable-shared (and bump its revision)05:02
tilman2.) bump gcc's revision. will now link to gmp statically05:02
tilman3.) ???05:02
tilman4.) profit05:02
frinnstill give that a go08:21
frinnstis ABI=32 and setting --build still required with 5.0?08:30
tilmanfwiw, i built gcc 4.4.3 with the graphite stuff today08:30
tilmanno idea whether it's worth it though ;]08:31
frinnstgot ports for the new deps?08:33
tilmanlet me push this sht08:37
tilmanfrinnst: it's in tilman.git08:39
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juetilman: added the link to TODO27 as well09:05
juejust read the log form today09:12
juetilman: your point 2) will not work because your gcc is broken after the gmp change, gcc will complain about missing ...09:13
jueand coreutils depends on gmp too, expr for example09:15
juefrinnst: yes, we still need both for gmp09:16
tilmanjue: very interesting, thanks09:28
frinnsthum, the only thing breaking gcc after updating gmp is a missing symlink to
jueno, not a sysmlink, the library10:43
frinnsti linked to and managed to rebuild gcc10:44
juewell, might work, I've installed the old gmp to somewhere and added the directory temporary to
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jueoops :)12:25
teK_we should add the port maintainer's mailaddress to /portdb12:52
teK_sounds outdated, though12:52
juehmm, register shows 'contrib-admin at crux dot nu'12:55
teK_have not seen the link -.-12:56
frinnstjue: hmm, gcc still links against the old library too? how did you solve that?13:06
juehmm, not for me13:16
juefrinnst: against _and_ ?13:23
tilmanjue: btw, gcc 4.4.4 works nicely for me13:32
juefor me too, didn't notice any issue13:35
frinnstjue: yes :D13:40
jueyou've built 4.5.0 with 4.4.x, both libgmp versions installed as I've described above?13:46
frinnst--with-gmp= perhaps13:49
acrux_--with-gmp is superfluos13:52
frinnstyeah but including the path to 5.0?13:53
acrux_i did the symbolik link trick when i prepaired the cruxppc 2.6 toolchain13:53
acrux_beacouse the gmp maintainer changed the abi from 5.0.0 and 5.0.113:53
acrux_that's for example froma  current crux on ppc6413:54
j^2hey hey all13:54
tilmanhaha, i t was changed from 5.0.0 to 5.0.1? ._o13:54
tilmani thought it was changed from 4.x.x to 5.x.x13:55
acrux_tilman, yeah.. incredible..13:55
juefrinnst: one idea13:55
jueyour mpfr is still linked against old gmp?13:56
frinnstprobably, yeah13:57
acrux_you need mpfr 2.4.2-p3 to get it working with gmp-5.0.113:58
acrux_j^2, hi13:58
frinnsthmm, no13:59
frinnstmpfr is linked against 5.0.113:59
frinnstcc1 still linked against .313:59
frinnstacrux_: does ppc64 runs 32bit binaries?14:00
juefrinnst: libmpc is ok as well?14:04
frinnstnah, that was it14:08
frinnstforgot about it14:08
frinnstsorry for the noise :)14:08
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jaegeris the torrent tracker still down?14:58
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