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sepentilman, ping06:43
sepenhey teK_06:43
sepentilman, could you run $ sudo postfix flush? we have some message in the mail queue07:20
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teK_hover on '1'09:46
teK_err 'test09:48
jaegerwow, that's annoying09:48
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frinnsttilman: do you need to, or can i, make a git branch rsync'able?12:36
frinnstie core-x86_64 2.712:36
frinnstthe branch already exists12:36
tilmani need to do it, because it's not documented *cough*12:39
tilmanfrinnst: let's try it. push something to the 2.7 branch12:39
frinnstyay \o/12:42
tilmanno errors?12:42
frinnstno, seems to work fine12:43
tilmanwow. that's the first time i got it right at the first try i think12:44
sepentilman, could you run $ postfix flush at mail queue has messages from May 612:45
tilmansepen: i ran that command some minutes ago12:45
tilmanmaybe 15 minutes ago12:45
sepenah sorry ;D12:45
frinnstGenerating repository for directory '/home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy/core-x86_64/'12:46
frinnstGenerating repository for directory '/home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy/core-x86_64/'12:46
frinnstwhen pushing into 2.712:46
tilmanthat's normal12:46
sepentilman, thanks thats for what I ping'ed you sometime ago12:46
tilmansepen: yeah, i know. that's why i ran it :D12:46
tilmanfrinnst: it's not smart enough to figure out what it needs to update12:46
juefrinnst: wouldn't be better to wait until we have a 2.7 core repo?12:47
tilmandon't think it's much of an issue though12:47
frinnstwell, figuring that there are, what? 2 x86_64 users? i didnt think it mattered much :)12:47
jueno, to avoid additional commits for you12:48
frinnsti rather have it in git that misc ports on my drive12:49
jueI've done some changes to gcc/glibc you should merge12:49
frinnstin your repo?12:50
juebut why not wait until tilman creates the repos?12:50
tilmanokay, i gotta go12:51
jueno no12:51
juethat was not my intention12:51
juelet's wait until we know what to do with the lto stuff12:53
juefrinnst: for now you can httup-sync from if you want ;)12:54
juewhile moving to core I'd like to rename libattr to attr, objections?13:13
jueit's mainly because attr isn't a pure library and I'd avoid calling acl libacl13:15
sepenI've just updated our links page, if anyone sees something that does not like, please correct it or tell me13:18
sepenalso I tried to update some broken links13:19
jue.oO crux-arm13:24
juesepen: cool :)13:24
sepenjue, yep it worked!
sepen and there are some more supported devices on we're working on13:27
sepencrux-arm works in 2 flavours; eabi and noeabi based toolchains13:28
juesepen: there's a typo in home/13:33
sepenoh! surely, pitillo and me are spaniards ;D13:34
jues/typo/word missing/13:34
sepenalso s/4nd/4th/13:34
sepenjue, which word?13:35
sepenjue, maybe '...soon ---it--- will be released...'?13:37
jueCRUX ARM is a port of _CRUX_ for the ARM architecture.13:37
frinnsti run it in a chroot on my sheevaplug :)13:39
juesepen: ever tried a tiling wm for crux-arm?13:40
frinnstonce my guruplug arrives, the sheevaplug will only run crux :)13:40
sepenjue, dwm?13:40
juemight fit better for such a small display13:40
jueI'd suggest scrotwm13:41
sepenfrom your repo13:41
sepenI'll try, so it's not difficult to crosscompile this port13:42
jueit's compatible to xmonad without extensions13:42
sepenhmm it was inspired on xmonad and dwm13:43
juescreen-layout and default key-bindings are the same xmonad has13:44
sepenwell it could be nice to have for a 640x240 screen, so 2 windows (320x240) are fine on my hpjornada13:45
sepenhmmm sources doesn't have configure13:48
sepenjue, I added the port ;D;a=summary13:59
sepenand also the noeabi package13:59
juesepen: btw, dmenu is a nice supplement for scrotwm14:11
sepenoops 404 getting sources14:22
sepennah' this worked
sepen*err, this one:
tilmanfrinnst: damn, i hope they start shipping those guruplug soon14:27
sepenI created some git repos for ARM native builds too, tell me if someone would push their changes14:29
tilmani'm still skeptical whether crux makes sense for an embedded device14:30
sepenARM is not only embedded devices14:31
tilmansepen: i mean: i ordered a guruplug, too. and i'm still wondering what linux to put on it14:35
tilmanie i'm wondering whether it makes sense for _me_ to use crux on it :)14:35
juewhat will you do with thge guruplug?14:37
tilmanusing it as a wlan-router i think14:37
tilman+ dunno what14:37
tilmanseems like a great toy anyway =)14:37
jueyeah, indeed, looks nice14:38
sepentilman, the fact is that at least you can try it ;D14:41
sepentilman, pitillo is also trying to get running some arm netbooks (<100$ on ebay)14:43
sepenand personally I love how crux-arm works on my hp jornada instead of wince14:43
sepenit rocks playing prboom ;D14:44
tilmanwhat kind of arm cpu does the jornada have?14:44
sepentilman, cpu is strongarm (sa1100)14:45
tilmani see14:46
tilmanopentyrian looks interesting :D14:46
tilmani liked playing Raptor back in the early nineties14:46
sepenI like pixels too14:47
sepenraptor was a great arcade machine game14:48
tilmani only played it on the pc14:48
sepenif not the same really looks similar14:49
sepenbbl I'll prepare some food14:49
frinnsttilman: crux is probably not really suited on a sheeva/guru-plug :)15:05
frinnstfun to port though15:06
frinnsti currently run debian on mine15:06
frinnstbtw, guruplugs have begun shipping according to globalscale15:06
frinnstbut no shipping id in my inbox yet :(15:07
frinnstthe rootfs debian-tarball i use is ~50mb :>15:08
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pitillode puta madre, lo de los enlaces tambien17:55
pitillosorry, wrong window :)17:56
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