IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-05-18

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juetilman: just did some tests with the suggested fix for pkgadd, no problems so far12:04
tilmanokay, i'm committing that one12:05
juelike it, because IMO pkgadd should not read other config-file than pkgadd.conf12:05
jueI'm pretty sure that cptn will come up with a nice fix for prt-get as well12:07
tilmani'm responding to his comments now12:08
jueat all the whole thing makes much more trouble than we thought in the beginning ;)12:08
tilmandid you understand what he meant by saying "the same will be true for pkginfo"?12:09
tilmanwe're not calling pkginfo with a wildcard12:09
pitillomay be he means to use the wildcard and it will work with both?12:24
pitilloit's nice to see news from him12:25
pitillohere the patch provided at FS is working fine too12:30
tilmancool :)12:32
pitilloummm I just see one thing making tests12:34
pitillopkginfo -i adds the suffix to the version (can someone check it?)12:35
juepitillo: with tilman's fix for PKG_EXT?12:37
pitilloI just readed the last comments, sorry12:38
tilmanyep, the PKG_EXT patch should fix that problem12:41
pitilloyes, it does13:03
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tilmanmy crappy patch made cptn come up with a better one16:02
pitillogood, I will try tomorrow16:16
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