IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2010-05-19

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pitillogood morning, patch from Johannes is working fine here, with the patch provided by Jue and tilman's PKG_EXT fix. Making more tests atm01:16
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tilmanpitillo: great, thanks for testing11:41
pitillotilman: no problem, I can't do so much12:05
tilmanpitillo: how large is a crux-arm installation? ;)12:21
pitilloummm building a RC atm, 1 sec12:24
pitilloaround 223MB12:24
pitilloonly core, and depending in uses, may be it can be smaller12:25
tilmanpitillo: we are not talking about iso size but about used disk space, si?12:28
pitillotilman: the RC.tar.bz2 is 65MB, the used space on by the core itself around 223MB, I think that's what you meant12:29
pitillode nada hombre12:29
pitilloI must review and make some tests with the RC5 and qemu before putting it into the handheld, but first a shower...12:30
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