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tilmanpitillo: does the Makefile in crux-arm's toolchain.git build the cross compiler first?01:08
tilmanor do i need to install the cross compiler myself01:08
pitillotilman: the toolchain git build the framework, which build the crosscompiler01:10
pitillothat's really needed to develop, plus the pkgutils-cross to start building packages01:11
tilmanokay, i'll play with it later01:11
pitillothere are some info in the documentation section,
tilmangot to get to work01:11
tilmanyes, that the document i was viewing01:12
pitillogood to know tilman, if I can help in any way just ping me01:12
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tilmanpitillo: do you accept patches for toolchain.git?12:56
pitilloof course tilmal12:57
pitillosorry, tilman12:57
tilmanpitillo at crux-arm dot nu ?12:58
tilmanoh nevermind12:58
pitillothere is a ML, do you prefer my mail?12:59
tilmani'll use git-send-email12:59
tilmandid it work?13:01
pitillonot atm13:01
tilmanmaybe now?13:05
pitillojust looking up the server log and nothing there too13:05
tilmanshould have worked13:06
tilmangit-send-email sends myself a copy per default, and i just received that copy13:06
pitilloummm here I don't see movement, was it sent to the addres you wrote above?13:07
tilmanpitillo: nothing? :(13:07
tilmani sent it to pitillo@ono.com13:07
pitillook, I got it13:08
pitillosorry, I was looking the other server...13:08
pitillolet's see13:08
tilmanpitillo: i basically stole the idea from core/binutils13:09
pitilloseems a good one13:10
pitilloI think it can be used in both branches then13:10
pitillocan I re-send the message to the ML?13:11
tilmanlet me re-send it13:11
pitillothat's better13:11
tilmanwhere is your mailing list?13:11
tilmanpitillo: the patch is against gnueabi btw. i didn't test with the old abi13:21
pitilloI will check it on both, if sepen can't do it on noeabi13:23
pitilloreally strange the mailman problem13:30
pitilloseems I got it, let's see13:32
pitillocan you subscribe again tilman ?13:33
pitillonow it doesn't bounce13:34
pitilloa typo error in the web config13:34
tilmanit worked13:35
pitilloI hope so, thank you for that too13:35
tilmanaddress of the list itself is crux-arm @ ?13:36
tilmanaha, yes13:36
pitillothank you very much tilman, it's there now13:37
pitillowould you like to move this talk to #crux-arm?13:37
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jaegerI really need to take the time to figure out the whole multilib toolchain thing properly so I could do my own13:58
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juetilman: you forgot to commit the ignore-new and error-code patches ?14:31
tilmanjue: no, these are next :)14:32
juefine, I'm a bit in worry using a romster-like-patched-pkgmk ;)14:34
juetilman: the compression-mode thing works nice for me, no issues found14:38
tilmani'll push those patches out soon, too14:38
tilmanwant to have a look at cptn's prt-get patches first14:38
juebtw, if we ship the iso with .xz packages pkgutils should/must be in .gz format, otherwise the user has the typical chicken/egg problem to install the packages without using setup14:46
jaegerwhat if we updated pkgutils to support .xz before the 2.7 release?14:55
jaegerI'm not a fan of mixing and matching14:55
tilmanunfortunately we cannot assume that upgraders updated their ports before upgrading to 2.714:55
tilmanthey might install 2.6 via iso and immediately update to 2.7 via iso14:56
jaegerAt what point to we draw the line babying people?14:56
jaegerIf they did a straight 2.6 install and then upgraded to 2.7 the setup-helper likely isn't going to catch everything anyway14:56
tilmanah mmh.14:56
jaegerI suppose setup-helper could be made to differentiate between a fresh 2.6 and an upgraded one but that seems like potentially a lot of work14:59
juejaeger: I hope that I've added all the needed stuff for that15:03
jaegerI guess it wouldn't be hard to test it15:04
juemost of my recent commits to iso.git are additions to setup-helper15:06
juebut, yeah, a test would be better than my hope15:11
jueone open question for me here is what to do with nfs-utils, I don't think that we should install the 'new' nfs-utils from opt with all deps if the user had installed "old" nfs-utils from core15:13
juebut simply removing the installed nfs-utils, including /etc/exports, seems a bit scary to me15:18
jaegermaybe back up /etc/exports and remove installed nfs-utils?15:19
jueyeah, sounds reasonable15:22
juebtw, is portmap used for anything else than nfs?15:26
tilmandon't think so15:27
tilmanoh, FAM15:27
tilmanbut nobody uses that anymore =)15:27
jueok, so it's save to remove it from core and add rpcbind to opt15:28
tilmani might be wrong though :)15:29
jaegerI don't think it is, yeah15:35
jaegerdon't think portmap is used, I mean15:36
jaegersorry, had to come back from this DAS locking up my workstation :P15:36
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