IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-05-24

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tilmanhi jue03:32
tilmanjue: and another idea that isn't in the logs (maybe due to the clb downtime): can we remove tftpd from iputils and move tftp-hpa to opt instead? the daemon in iputils can only be used with inetd :(03:39
juetilman: hi03:52
jueno objections wrt tftpd03:53
juethe one from inetutils might be an option too03:54
juedunno if it runs standalone03:55
tilmani'll have a look03:55
juewhat's the benefit with the init scripts / dash thing?03:57
tilmandash is supposed to be much faster than bash03:57
juedone some benchmarks?03:57
tilmanit can also help random applications that fork+exec /bin/sh to call other programs03:58
tilmanit's general knowledge from the internets03:58
tilmannot sure i can measure the difference on my desktop system03:58
tilmanit's already booting very quickly03:59
tilmanubuntu person says: "It's not just boot-up ... configure scripts, for example, can be over a04:00
tilmanMINUTE faster when run under dash.04:00
tilmanguess i'll try it out04:00
juewell, we need bash anyway for pkgmk and I'm not sure if it is a good idea to link /bin/sh to dash insted of bash04:01
tilmanof course, i'm not saying we can drop bash04:02
jueI bet a lot of ports will fail because of some bashismn in their build stuff04:03
tilmanpkgmk will continue to use bash04:03
tilmanso this shouldn't be a problem imo04:04
jueyep, that's right04:04
tilmanwhat needs to be checked is that the rc scripts of various ports are compatible04:05
juewell, not sure if it's worth the effort, but if you want it ;)04:08
tilmani'll look for a complex configure script and use it as a benchmark04:09
tilmanthen i'll switch my desktop to /bin/sh-is-dash and make some tests04:09
tilmanmaybe that will make me realize it's a bad idea after all04:09
juegreat, curious to see some results04:10
juethe time saving for complex configure scripts seems to me more important to me than some msec savings at boot-time04:13
jueanyway, leaving know, bbl04:14
tilmanokay, bye04:14
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tilmanfirst observation: our rc scripts currently have bash in the shebang line04:26
tilmanso switching the sh symlink around won't immediately hurt04:26
tilmanall of my /etc/rc.d/ has bin/sh though04:26
tilmanteK_: fwiw, making pkgmk and all the ports sh-compatible is probably impossible ;)06:14
teK_probably true :)06:51
tilmani'm quite fond of foo/{bar,baz}06:53
teK_it's somewhat political, too ;)06:54
teK_tilman: tried building glibc with dash as bin/sh?07:25
teK_fails for me. rebuilding with bash right now.07:27
teK_worked. :(07:33
teK_2nd try for dash yields the same results. disclaimer: I'm running gcc-4.5.0 (x86_64) here07:42
teK_ jfyi07:44
teK_afk again07:44
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teK_does anybody remember why romster /part ed #crux16:59
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