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pitilloteK_: may be because he started another distro?01:02
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teK_pitillo: he's still maintaining quite *some* ports12:13
pitilloteK_: yes he does, he checks flyspray and ML12:18
jueteK_: btw, libassuan depends on libpth which is still maintained by Simon, would you mind adopting it?12:40
teK_gimme a second12:45
jueteK_: thanks :)12:55
teK_jue: we're welcome12:55
teK_btw jue: 'd mind have a look at (mysql build error)12:58
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jueteK_: new error with 5.1.47 ?13:02
juehi tilman13:03
jueteK_: looks strange, that's with gcc 4.5?13:10
teK_this diff thingy look weird, too..13:11
juewill try it on my 2.7 test13:12
teK_cool thx13:12
tilmanteK_: do you get the contrib-admin mails? eg the 'new ports request' things?13:16
teK_If someone 'd advise me how to add new repos I'd help out with that, too13:16
teK_adding me to /etc/aliases should be no problem :>13:17
tilmanokay, for the record:13:18
tilmanto add new repos, you edit ~crux/bin/pdbcacher.php and add the repo to the loooong list near the top of the file13:19
tilmanthat script is executed once a day13:19
jueteK_: got the same error with gcc 4.513:19
teK_maybe this is related to:
jueteK_: indeed13:24
juenice :)13:35
tilmanwrong window13:35
juetilman: .oO news about lto13:36
tilmani'm leaning towards skipping it13:36
jueok, fine for me13:38
tilmanjue: did you ever try the built-in pppoe support in ppp? looking at their sources it seems we don't need the separate rp-pppoe package13:46
jueno, using rp-ppoe since ages13:48
tilmani'll try it out on the guruplug soon (hopefully)13:48
jueI thought that the pppoe of ppp only works with a kernel modules, but that's obviously wrong ;)13:49
juetilman: tell me the result, please13:51
tilmanof course13:51
tilmanto me it _seems_ as if ppp had contained the rp-pppoe code as a plugin since 2001 :)13:51
tilmannot sure if i'm reading the code correctly13:51
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teK_writing an  email would be the easiest path :)13:59
tilmannah, i'll try it out eventually13:59
j^2hey hey all14:01
j^2i just got married :)14:02
j^2and also found out i'm having a kid :)14:02
tilmanwhat the hell14:02
tilmanerr, i mean Congratulations \o/14:02
teK_j^2: nice, congrats14:02
juewow, all the best14:02
teK_best moment in my life: birth of my son14:02
j^2thanks guys :)14:03
j^2it's the reason i fell off the planet again for the last couple weeks, it's been crazy14:03
j^2i'm back though...again :P14:03
teK_take care of your wife (quit irc014:04
j^2i gotta get away everyonce in a while ;)14:04
juetilman: looks like the pppoe plugin pf ppp is a subset of rp-pppoe14:05
pitilloj^2: congratulations :)14:11
j^2thanks :)14:12
jueteK_: please try -> httpup sync mysql14:56
teK_one moment please15:02
teK_tilman: :(15:02
teK_(hehe @jue)15:02
tilmanteK_: ah, ok15:04
teK_maybe I'll file a bug15:05
tilmanagainst glibc?15:05
teK_there's always something that can be fixed wrt glibc :p15:05
tilmanthe discussion will probably be an entertaining read15:05
teK_oh that's a good one:15:08
teK_I really don't understand why some distros use dash.  Yes, dash is15:08
teK_smaller and faster, but although the differences are measurable, they15:08
teK_are not discernible to the user.15:08
teK_hahahah no :P15:08
teK_Linux was all about what again? Choice? Fanatism? Yeah??15:08
teK_jue: build success15:09
tilmanoh, there's gnu binutils 2.2015:12
juetilman: ?15:33
tilmanre. binutils: i had forgotten it's on TODO27 already15:34
juetilman: you can httpup-sync to the above url to see what I've done so far for 2.715:37
tilmanwill have a look tomorrow15:38
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