IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2010-06-06

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frinnsttilman: i just pushed stuff into opt-x86_64 2.7, seems i still cant sync it06:45
teK_tilman: valgrind in opt-x64 needs some love (version bump + -uf), too :)07:07
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frinnstbump to what version?07:15
frinnstconfigure: error: Valgrind requires glibc version 2.2 - 2.1007:17
frinnstcant bump the footprint from here07:17
frinnstcould you post a diff perhaps?07:17
teK_yeah, sure07:18
teK_I could bump it myself, too..07:19
frinnstdo you have +w? \o/07:19
teK_i have r00t-f0007:19
frinnstgo nuts then! :D07:19
teK_error: unable to create temporary sha1 filename ./objects/f2: File exists07:23
teK_ahm. well.07:23
teK_I do not have much git-f00 :p07:23 what? :p07:27
frinnsthehe, something to do with permissions07:28
teK_btw this change should be merged to 2.7,too. Right?07:29
teK_*after* fixing permissions there, too. :P07:32
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tilmanteK_: i don't care (or use) x86_64 atm. feel free to take over maintainership for it in opt-x86_6413:38
frinnstand any other port you have love for13:42
frinnsti dont use them all so testing/updates are scarce13:43
* frinnst slaps tilman 13:44
frinnstrsync: change_dir "/crux-2.7/opt-x86_64" (in ports) failed: No such file or directory (2)13:44
tilmanfrinnst: aha, oops13:49
tilmanshould be fixed13:49
tilman(with the next push)13:49
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teK_tilman: aye13:51
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teK_frinnst: ever tried compiling ghostscript 8.71 on x64?16:21
frinnstyes, without much success16:26
frinnsttheres a reason ghostscript 8.70 is still in opt-x86_64 :)16:26
teK_ ?16:27
teK_i reran the last gcc command (with success)16:27
teK_then make can be resumed16:27
frinnstand finish?16:28
teK_It's totally weird16:28
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