IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2010-06-11

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jueFYI, we have again a ABI incompatible update for 2.7, libmpfr 3.0, uploaded new packages of gcc, libmpfr and libmpc04:27
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mike_kwould this and libgmp, openssl libjpeg, libmng packages be provided and manual upgrade be documented in some semi-official way by the release day?06:05
juemike_k: no problem to provide the packages, but someone else should write the doc, at best a wiki page06:29
mike_kor an e-mail06:29
jueyeah, that's ok as well06:31
mike_kI am not sure... I can just wait for the iso and 'pkadd -u' all(affected) of the packages from it, right?06:32
teK_+1 for a wiki page06:33
jueyes, sure06:33
jueand look at setup-helper ...06:34
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