IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2010-06-19

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juetilman: by chance I saw that our libtiff is quite old, 3.9.4 is current. AFAICS they fixed all known security bugs with that version.09:03
tilmanjue: thanks, i fixed it. will push soon ;)13:46
juetilman: btw, you know that dnsmasq has a build-in tftpd?15:25
tilmanno, i did not15:25
juejust remember that you need a tftpd lately15:29
tilmanwhy did they implement tftp in their dns server?15:30
tilmanweird :)15:30
juewell, it's a dhcp server as well15:30
jueand for that it makes sense15:30
juefor bootp or pxe15:36
tilman$ git push15:41
tilmanGenerating repository for directory '/home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy/opt/'15:42
tilmanTo ssh://
tilman   936b8cc..4674e3b  2.6 -> 2.615:42
tilman ! [rejected]        2.7 -> 2.7 (non-fast-forward)15:42
tilmanit generated the 2.7 rsync stuff even though it didn't accept my out-of-sync 2.7 branch15:42
tilmanmaybe my post-update hook script needs fixing15:42
jueyou pushed to both branches?15:45
jueor better tried to push15:46
tilmani just ran 'git push', so it pushes out everything15:49
jueah, I've a [push] default=current in my config15:54
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